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NCT inside jokes and iconic lines

NCT inside jokes and iconic lines

These are some of the iconic jokes, lines, quotes and song lyrics from the members of the South Korean Boy Group Under SM Entertainment, NCT.

Rock, Paper, Scissors
This ritual started from Nct Dream but now all units use it, but basically Rock Paper Scissors decides it all, whether it be life or death. The key to all bets, everything. The most iconic Dream Rock Paper Scissors moment is the iTooRok~ dare:

Haechan: We should do Rock Paper Scissors and whoever loses has to go to the hallway (at the music show place) and say iTooRok~ (with voice crack)

*they play and Haechan loses*

Jisung: LMAO I swear we didn’t plan this

Haechan: *screams* WAIT A SECOND, HELP, I’M SCARED *goes to the hallways and regrets and comes back*

*gets hanged by a coat hanger and goes out to the hallway to get his butt slapped*

Others: *play again*

Jaemin: *looses* *goes into hallways where it’s crowed with people including Itzy* iToRooOk~ *stands there in shame while the others are dying of laughter*

oH cAnAdA
During a NCT Dream v-Live, Haechan was saying how they should say “Nct Dream the love” to the fans, but Mark, being from Canada corrected him … here is how the conversation went:

Haechan: Nct Dream the love

Mark: The love? Shouldn’t it be is love?

Haechan: *scoffs lowkey offended*

Renjun: ooo, we have someone from Canada here

Haechan: wowww, this is a legendary moment being recorded, wowwww v-app (basically the v-Live app) just recorded something legendary

Mark: no, but to be honest “NCT Dream the love” could be mistaken, NCT Dream “the love” and “is love” have completely different meanings

Haechan: oH cAnAdA

Mark: fine, do love, NCT Dream love

Haechan: but cus we are in Korea, we can say the love, let’s just stick to that

Mark: okay, okay, sorry, okay

Haechan: hErE iS kOrEa mAn

Regular huh?
One of the most, if not the most iconic lines that never fails to give NCTzens 2nd hand embarrassment is the “regular, huh?” challenge. To promote their new song Regular, 3 of the NCT 127 members (Jaehyun, Johnny and Haechan) filmed themselves doing the #regularchallenge that they had created. The challenge involved going into a coffee shop and ordering coffee, and then when the barista asks for the size, you say “regular, huh?” while doing the corresponding dance moves.

Hotel key incident

Basically, long story short, Jaehyun, Jisung, Winwin and Chenle forgot to bring out the keys to their hotel room. This legit is the best representation of karma that can be given, and this is how it went:

Chenle: okay this is the end of the Chenle, Jaehyun, Winwin, Jisung, Renjun cam

Jaehyun: *nervous giggles* we forgot to bring our key card out

Chenle: what?

Jisung: we forgot our hotel key card

Chenle: *laughs at them*

Winwin: wow

Chenle: *teasingly* they forgot their key lmao

Winwin: *after 2 seconds of realization* OMG, WAIT! W-we also (forgot our key) *claps hand in regret and sighs and rethinks life choices*

Jaehyun: lmao what is wrong with us

Jisung: *lowkey dying of laughter* this is being filmed lmao

Chenle: this is reality

Yuta Pervert
On a solo v-live, a comment said that Yuta’s hair grows fast, and here was his response:

Yuta: yea, my hair grows fast, that’s cus I’m a pervert

Lucas and names (oH yOu ArE nAnA!?)
Lucas is known for not knowing the names/nicknames of the NCT members, the most iconic one would definitely be the “oH yOu aRe NaNa!?” situation. During a v-Live with Lucas, Jaemin, Jisung and Chenle, Lucas saw a comment regarding “Nana” and as he didn’t know who “Nana” was, he asked out of curiosity, this is how it went:

Lucas: can I ask, who is Nana?

Jisung: Jaemin

Jaemin: *raises hand* me

Jisung & Chenle: *pointing at Jaemin* Nanananana

Lucas: *laughing* oH yOu ArE nAnA!?

Jaemin: lmao yes

Jisung & Chenle: wait you didn’t know?

Lucas: wait why? why nana?

Chenle: cus NA Jaemin

Lucas: Ohhhhhh

Jaemin and names (Hello my name is Jeno)
Jaemin too, is bad at names, but not nicknames, actual names. He often calls Jisung, Chenle and vice versa. He even got the name of the female actress he was collaborating with in his web drama’s name wrong, but do not worry, Jaemin forgets his own name too! At the SMTOWN Concert in Dubai, when Jaemin was suddenly asked to introduce himself in English, he confidently said “Hello my name is Jeno” and it wasn’t until he was told by Jeno, who was standing one person away from him that he realized the mistake he made, a few seconds later, that made him realize what he had just said, which made him quickly add “Jaemin, Jaemin”. Until this day, the members still frequently tease him about this moment.

If I were your boyfriend I’d never let you go”
Haechan’s favourite English catchphrase from Justin Bieber’s song “boyfriend”, the most iconic time when he used it was during the Foreign Swaggers Sun and Moon interview:

Johnny: *speaking English really fast* so usually what we really like to do is uh-

Mark: *laughing*

Haechan: If I were your boyfriend I’d never let you go, I can take you places you-

Johnny: *cuts Haechan off and speaks English with the speed increased* is there like any country that you wanna go to like, we can just go and we can have a really great conversation and I really just wanna do that, you know?

Haechan: *pretends to understand* uh-huh, If I were your boyfriend I’d never let you go, I can take you places you never been before

Taeil: wE ALwAYs ThAnkFuL anD we LoVe YoU

“We always thankful, and we love you”
Taeil’s English catchphrase, at the end of interviews. The times he has used it have exceeded counting limits, but some examples include the NCT 2021 Countdown live, the end of the Foreign Swaggers Sun and Moon interview and sometimes he will even add, “fans are our energy” before it.

“I’m from Chicago”
This will remain as one of the funniest moments in NCT history. In an American interview, after Johnny had finished speaking in English, the interviewer goes “by the way, your English is phenomenal” and Johnny, being the savage he is muttered in a small voice “I’m from Chicago” which made Mark who was beside him laugh.

“Where’s my hair?”
During the reaction of the 7th Sense MV reaction video, Ten said that he had his eyes closed while they were cutting his hair and when he opened his eyes, he was like “wHeRe’S mY hAiR?”

Orange lemon cross
The duo name for Jaehyun and Winwin, and this is how it originated:

Jaehyun: our team name is Orange

Winwin: ningmeng

Jaehyun: no, no, Lemon

Winwin: oh, lemon

Both: cross!

and during the resonance 2020 era, it was brought back to life 🙂

Renjun voice crack
One of the most often brought up jokes is Renjun’s voice cracks on national tv. The first one happened on the encore stage of NCT Dream’s first win for “My First And Last”

Renjun: ku le nai ge no pun yAaA~

and the second and more recent one was the from home stage

Renjun: wouWoHo~
The members never miss a chance to tease him about these cute mistakes, especially Haechan and Chenle

Love Talk English lyrics

The Love Talk English lyrics are umm interesting, or as Kun puts it, “open-minded”, he said:

Kun: “the lyrics are quite open-minded, umm with my English level, I think I can understand a bit”

“Jaehyun your hair is sexy”
This happened during Johnny’s Instagram live in the car

Jaehyun: *comments* your hair is sexy

Johnny: Jaehyun your hair is sexy

Mark: *in the background* what are you talking about, wait wtf is going on?

Wayv’s dating advice
A fan asked for dating advice on a live

Yangyang: in our dorms it’s just 7 guys, one dog one cat, why would you ask us?

Lucas: yes, but sorry, I already have one (a girlfriend) *points at the screen*

THE REST OF THE MEMBERS: *dead silent*

Yangyang: it’s the fans


“Hi Africa”
Second hand embarrassment moment

Interviewer: can you say hi to MTV Israel?

Taeyong: hi Africa

Haechan: hi Africa

Just Jungwoo and Johnny things

Johnny: ROFL

Jungwoo: R O F L? is it true?

Johnny: yEs

Johnny & Jungwoo & Mark & Doyoung: oKeY dOkeY yO

The 90s love unit

Haechan: n

Winwin: dot

Yangyang: c

Ten: dot

Mark: t

Jeno: dot

Sungchan: NCT

Savage Mark
SuperM on the Ellen show

Ellen: all right just real quick, not for me but obviously I need to know for the world, are you all single?

Mark: yea, but why you always curious about this tho?

Crowd: *cheers*

Yangyang’s son, Eleven
Yangyang and Ten live

Yangyang: *speaking to Ten* if I have a son, I’m going to name him Eleven, because he’s gonna dance better than you, and sing better than you

Ten: we’re still so young, why are we talking about having a son or like?

Yangyang: idk anything could happen, just kidding, just kidding

Ten: what? oh Yang Yang, he’s crazy

Not my problem”
Whoever loses has to pay

*Taeil, Mark and Johnny playing Rock Paper Scissors*

*Mark and Taeil looses*

Mark: I loose every time, ever since we came to America, I’ve been loosing all bets

Johnny: *sips coffee* not my problem

Flat af
Breakfast v-Live

Johnny to Mark: they said your head is flat, they said it’s flat af

Mark: rlly? lemme see

Johnny & Jaehyun: *dying of laughter*

Voldemort became Chinese
Hendery and Ten Harry Potter skit

Hendery: Voldemort, you don’t kill student anymore

Ten: hao (okay in Chinese)

Yangyang: HAHHA, Voldemort has become Chinese

Cut the cameras
On an episode of Weekly Idol

Jaehyun: Yuta, close the toothpaste when you are done

Yuta: can I keep it going? amongst the 8 of them-

the other members: stop, no, don’t say anything

Doyoung: cut the cameras, we quit, we quit

It’s usually said by Yuta and Jungwoo but sometimes Mark joins in, when Jungwoo calls out to YutaAa~ in a high pitched voice, Yuta will usually respond back in a high pitched voice JuNghOo~

“Czennie this is for you”
Mark and Jaehyun at the basketball courts

Mark: *bouncing the basketball* Czennie this is for you *shoots and completely misses*

That Awsaz episode with Jaemin and Johnny
Jaehyun was telling Johnny what to say and Jisung was telling Jaemin

Johnny: want to talk to be freely in English?

Jaemin: okay, bOnJoUR

Jisung & Jaehyun: *dying of laughter*

Jaemin: nAmAsTe

Johnny: Wow your English is so good

Jisung&Jaehyun: *dying of laughter*

Johnny: your pronunciation is good


Jaemin: *meows without Jisung telling him to*

Johnny: *meows back without Jaehyun telling him to*

Jaemin: *meows back without Jisung telling him to*

Jisung: these two are weird

Jaemin & Johnny: *having a cat conversation*

Johnny: I didn’t know you could also talk cat

Neomu lonely, Neomu happy
Most iconic Lucas and Mark live

Lucas: you debuted first

Mark: *intense laughing begins*

Lucas: so I was alone, a lonely trainee

Mark: *laughter intensifies*

Lucas: nEoMu LoNeLy

Mark: *laughs more*

Lucas: but now I am nEomU hAppY yAy

“I want a chicken”
Princess Hendery and princess Ten

Hendery: *in high pitched voice* I wAnT a ChiCkEn *picks up chicken* tOo BiG

Ten: oH mY gOd I CanT StAnD tHiS AnyMorE, I HaVe tO gO

“We are need coffee”

Johnny: Yuta, what do we need?

Yuta: wHat dO yoU NeEd? We Are NeEd CoFfEE!!!

Public bathroom
NCT Dream playing guess the word by the drawing game

*the word is wedding*

*draws a male and female*

Jaemin: What is this? It’s sexy 🙂

Renjun: Guess the answer

Jaemin: public bathroom 🙂

Johnny carpark incident
JCC Chicago episode

Mark: wait a sec, omg he didn’t open the door for us, only he got in (Johnny)

Johnny: *locks car door and drives off*

Doyoung: oh my Gawd oh my Gawd oh my Gawd

Mark: wait a second, duDe Do yOu SeE whAt hE’s DoiNg riGhT nOw? Do yOu SeE whAt hE’s DoiNg riGhT nOw? DuDE hE jUsT LEfT uS, He just LEft Us

Doyoung: andwae, andwae andwae

Grande, not large

Doyoung: one Mexican street quesadia

Waiter: the large?

Doyoung:  no, grande

Arianna Grande is hot
Why does Doyoung want to collaborate with Arianna Grande?

doyoung: bEcAuSe ShE’s hOT

Ten + fruits
Ten absolutely hates fruits, he can legit do anything BUT eat fruits, that one time:

Ten: *sees fruits* eW frUiTs *looks at the cookies beside them* oOoH cOoKiE!

Lee Sooman’s birthday and world mite elimination day
Kun and Xiaojun v-Live on Lee Sooman’s birthday

Xiaojun: *reads comment* today is Lee Sooman’s birthday, yea I know, I just sent the birthday wishes

Kun: I actually sent it when I woke up this morning

Xiaojun: but you know what’s funny? today is also the world mite control day (world mite control day in Chinese sounds like Sooman day)

Kun: shut up

Xiaojun: it was a hot topic on Weibo today

Kun: shut up, don’t say these kind of things, shut up

Xiaojun: we are just saying mites

Kun: yah! stop, change the topic, stop it! what are you saying, stop talking nonsense

Xiaojun: *still laughing* it’s so funny

Kun: how could you say these kinds of things? it’s mr. Sooman’s birthday today

Xiaojun: *trying not to laugh* *under his breath* world mite control day

Kun: STOP!

Xiaojun: *trying so hard not to laugh but it’s too funny* anyways it’s a good day, a good day to control mites *lowkey trying not to laugh*


Xiaojun: *laughing his ass off* I’m sorry *but still laughing*

Kun: what’s wrong with you

Jaemin + strawberry flavouring and milk products
This is a joke that is actively used by the dream members to tease Jaemin. Jaemin despises, hates, is absolutely disgusted by strawberries, specifically artificial strawberry flavouring. Another thing he hates is milk products, whether he just hates it because his mother forced him to drink milk as a kid or because he is lactose intolerant is another story but nonetheless, he hates it, so when you combine the two… you can just imagine how Jaemin would react.

That one Dream vs Dream episode where it was Jaemin and Chenle:

Jaemin: what is my favourite fruit?

Chenle: strawberries *evil laugh*

Jaemin: nOoooo, nOOoOo

Chenle: *laughs more* Jaemin’s favourite menu item is strawberry yoghurt *continues laughing*

Jaemin: nOoo *sigh*, I guess he’s not interested in me at all

And that one time where the Dream 00z went to eat shaved ice, but they ordered 2 that both had milk:

Jeno: Jaemin, it has milk in it

Jaemin: *lowkey mad*

Haechan: *teasing Jaemin*

Jaemin: why didn’t you order fruit shaved ice?

Renjun: *eats his shaved ice silenty*

Nct Dream Butt Debate
They are debating whether this is one butt or two butts

Jeno: *reads comment* they are asking us whether we have come to a conclusion about the number of butts

Renjun: OMG don’t mention that to me, this is never going to end

Jaemin: *legit smiling* there are two butts

Jisung: what if I say the butt is 3?

Chenle: what about butts? (he wasn’t there when they had the first half of the debate)

Jisung: because it’s left, right and middle

Jaemin:*asking Chenle* how many butts are there?

Chenle: there is one!

Jaemin & Jeno: it’s two!

Haechan: are you dumb?

Chenle: *in English* wHaT ArE yOu TaLkiNg AbOuT!?

*starts arguing about plurification*

Chenle: the butt is one, the eyes are two

Jeno: no, we have two legs-

Chenle: listen, there are two eyeballs, but the butts are connected, so it’s one

Renjun: YAH! the eyes are connected too!

Mark: *laughing* this is legendary

Jaemin: yah, be quiet, lemme settle this, the reason why there is two butts is because the legs are two thus the butts are split into two

Renjun: *dead serious* also there is something in the middle

Haechan: *dying*

Jeno: there is a hole

Renjun: how are the connected? are we gonna talk deeply about this topic?

Haechan: so we are going to go deeply into this conversation?

Mark: do you want me to talk about it deeply?

Haechan: you want me to go until the very end?

Jaemin: stfu and relax, let’s stop the butt debate here for now

Mark: *out of nowhere* butts lmao *starts laughing* *out of nowhere starts singing* “i GoT mAh pEaChEs oUt iN gEorgiA”


Jaemin: where did that song suddenly come from?

Jeno: also there was also a thing about whether the hole should be divided into two as well

Jaemin: anyways so “hello future”-

Mark: *reads comment* y’all are idols-

Haechan: oh wait- that’s right

Jaemin: I totally forgot about that

Jisung’s coming of age party with the Dreamies

AnDy PwArK!?

Jisung: this stands for my name (letters A and D)

Chenle: ANDY! *evil laughter*


Mark: ANDY!? wAiT yOuR nAme iS ANDY!? aNdY pWArK!?

Haechan: mY nAme iS pEtEr

Renjun: mY nAme is tOnY

Jisung vs Champange

Jeno: Jisung-shi can you please open the champange bottle

Jisung: yes *sees champange bottle* this is my first time seeing this

Jaemin: *teaching Jisung* all you have to do is go ‘pAKkk’ and open the lid where there is no one in front of you

Chenle: *teaching Jisung* Jisung-ah open it like this

Mark: no, wait, he didn’t shake it

Jaemin: shake it?

Haechan: *lowkey scared* no don’t shake it, don’t shake it

Renjun: *teaching Jisung* just twist the cork and open it

Chenle: Jisung-ah you can do it

Jisung: *panting*

Everyone Else:  no no no don’t do it like that, YAH YAH YAH YAH YAH *chaos*

Jisung: *jokingly* put your hands up, I’m openning it

Haechan: if you use one hand, you’ll get hurt, put your other hand on top of it

Jaemin: hold onto the cork, twist it, and it’ll pop open

Haechan: do it gentlely

Renjun: no but if your do it like this-

Mark: *so fed up* just let him be

Jisung: *complaining* no but why are they all saying different things? why are you guys fustrated, I’m the one who’s meant to be the most fustrated

Haechan: *hides behind chair*

Jaemin: *lifts up a chair to protect himself*

Jisung: *scared* mum, dad

Haechan: *screaming* PALLLI (hurry up)

Everyone: *laughs*

Renjun: you scared me lmao

Jeno: the maknae forever, Park Jisung, congrats on becoming an adult

Jisung: *finally pops the champange cork open* *throws the cork like it was super easy to open*

Foreign Swaggers
The foreign swaggers is probably the group that has the most collective iconic line and inside joke moments, their name itself was made in the SM Rookies days, and it has stayed as a joke ever since.

SM Rookies time period

Be there or be square
One of the most iconic SM Rookies foreign swaggers line is “be there or be square.” It was used at the end of all the promotion videos advertising the SM Rookies concert and is still a popular joke amongst NCTzens until this day.

Mark: what’s up guys, my name is Mark

Johnny: I’m Johnny

Mark: we’re havi- HAHHAHAHAHAHAH *starts hysterically laughing*

Johnny: HehEhEhHe *mocking Mark* come on Mark

Mark: *Still laughing* hyung suddenly he goes, I’m Johnny HAHHAHAHAH i’M jOhNnY HAHHAHA *finds it hilarious*

… *a few lines later*

Johnny & Mark: be there, or be square

Mark: and no-one, wants to be a square

Oh reolli?”
Although Jisung isn’t a member of the foreign swaggers, this was an iconic line while he was with the foreign swaggers promoting the SM Rookies concert. During the “interview” Jisung didn’t really speak as they were promoting in other languages but Jisung could only speak Korean, near the end, Jaehyun said “Jisung has something to say” and Jisung was lowkey shocked and caught off-guard that when he was handed the mic, he said “oh reolli” in one of the cutest accents which made the other members burst into laughter.

 “I LiVeD iN aMeRiCa fOr 4 yeArS”
This is probably one of the most iconic lines ever in the history of NCT moments. A non traditional tradition amongst the foreign swaggers is one person starts a beatbox, and then the others do a freestyle rap. For the first and ever time this happened, this is how it went, and how the legendary moment was formed:

Mark: *starts beatboxing*

Johnny: yEa, jOhnNy’S goNnA frEeStyLe

Jaehyun: *cuts in* yEa I LiVed iN AmEricA For 4 YeArs, thAt’s WhY I’m hErE mAn

Johnny: wE hAve A pErFoRmAnCE, CoMiN uP oN oCtoBeR

Mark: Ohhhhhhhh

Johnny: oCtObEr

*in the next cut*

Mark: this is the show that we’ve been- umm

Johnny & Jaehyun: waiting for, we’re waiting for it

Mark: this is a freestyle okay? So like we don’t know like-

I know what I’m doing

Mark: alright thank you

Johnny: I don’t know about you but-

Jaehyun: me too, I know 🙂

A cup of coffee

At the “luxury hotel” in Thailand with Johnny, Jaehyun, Ten, Mark and Doyoung. Probably one of the most iconic videos on the internet, ever.

“No you have to taste it”
A conversation between mostly Ten and Johnny, with spectators Doyoung, Jaehyun and Mark:

Ten: *gestures to Jaehyun’s face* rice cake skin

Johnny: tteok skin?

Ten: yea

Johnny: wait lemme check *pinches Jaehyun’s cheek* yup

Ten: and mine is like the honey

Johnny: *reaches out to feel*

Ten: oH no yOu hAvE tO tAstTe iT

Mark: what!?

Ten: is it sweet?

How coffee is made
A story by Johnny

Johnny: my dad, my dad knew I liked beans, so he was just playing with beans, he, he dropped it, and then he dropped a rock and then it slid, and then hot water started falling, and then coffee

Mark: *inhales and laughs his heart out*

Doyoung: *lowkey dying of laughter*

Mark: oh black beans, I thought you meant green beans

Johnny: nonononono, like the coffee beans

“rich Halloween pumpkin tea latte” – Jungwoo
“ I have a headache ” – Jaemin
“I feel like the possibility of these possibilities being possible, is just another possibility that could possibly happen“ – Mark
“so sWeEt, cArAmEL sALt, *nervous laughter*, I wAnNa hiT mYsELf“ – Ten
“nowadays, I have 22 children in NCT” – Taeyong
“you such a pain in the butt” – Yuta
“mouth suction gangster” – Jaemin
“hi, hello, annyeong” – Jungwoo
“do you know mickey house?” – Lucas
“you gotta seize the opportunity” – Mark
“ the air is very, is very, plant-ful” – Mark
“oh dude, he’s flirting” – Mark
“hello my name is mark, you can mark me in your heart” – Mark
“wait who’s name starts with a “ma”?, oh wait mark” – Taeyong
“I’m not your baby, I’m 20″ – Yangyang
“touch me, tease me, don’t touch me tease me, feel me up~” – Winwin
“ on the right side, we got the world’s most amazing, one and only, ONE AND THE ONLY, jOhNnY SuH” – Johnny
“nOw i kNoW~” – Doyoung
“hEy, wHat Are yOu dOiNg? I’M RiGhT iN fRoNt oF yOuR hOusE, ComE oUt” – Johnny
“hEy bABy” – Johnny
“ WheN wE poPpiN aNd jOhNnY, We JoH-Ppin” – Johnny
“in school, you need to break the rules” – Ten
“it’s so high it’s like my grades” – Mark
“this is SWEET” – Mark
*British accent* that’s a lot of shugar” – Johnny
“if it’s not laggy, it ain’t NCT”
“do you want some more cake too? no thanks, I’m full, I just want some more milk” – Jaehyun
“waOw So SeXYyyY” – Jaemin
“ calm down, calm down, relax, okay? okay? calm down, relax” – Jeno
“oh fu- oh fishy fish, fishy fish, mr fish” – Ten
“peace out moth- Johfam” – Johnny
“ do we need to cook this shi- this stuff?” – Yangyang
“ it says an xxx, I don’t think we should read that, it was from ten tho” – Johnny
“ ah potato?” – Jungwoo
“7 DAYS, a WEEK Obsseo!” – Chenle
“pervert” – Johnny
“tHe mEmbEr wiTh tHe bEst HaiR” – Jungwoo
“mwOyA? wAe IrAe? wHaT hAppEnEd?” – Jungwoo
“pRiVacY JigEuM” – Mark
“bless me ahchoo-ing gum” – Jungwoo
“peanut buddur” – Jungwoo
“I used to drink 1.5 litres of milk every day” – Sungchan
” czennie, write it down ” – Mark
“appetizer mwollar?” – Haechan
“John’s banana?” – Ten

Iconic lyrics:
“My baby said she wants to dance with a ghost, she wants to leave me ah” – OK! (NCTU)
“Touch me, tease me, feel me up” – Love Talk (WAYV)
“Bless me achoo” – Simon Says (NCT 127)
“Golla my dish” – Hot Sauce (NCT DREAM)
“chew-chew-chew-chew-chewing gum – Chewing Gum (NCT DREAM)
“I be walking the cheese, that’s the queso, queso queso” – Regular English Version (NCT 127 – JAEHYUN)
“And that’s a long ass ride” – The 7th sense (NCT U – MARK)
“Like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday” – Candlelight (NCT DREAM – HAECHAN)
“Palli palli pihae right” – Cherry Bomb (NCT 127)
“Kok jong hajima, so what, we hot, we young” – We Young (NCT DREAM)
“Stop, baby don’t stop” – Baby Don’t Stop (NCT U- taeyong)
“We so young, we so freaky” – Go (NCT DREAM)
“I’m an action figure” – Action Figure (WAYV)
“Apado guenchana” – Taeil
“Gireul sseulgo danin seuteurit ijen geunyang keullaesik” – 90s Love (NCT U – SUNGCHAN)

Author’s Note: Please note that NCT is a big group and there are a lot of lines that could be added, but this post would be never ending, I only put the ones I thought were the MOST iconic and would be beneficial for new stans to know

Author’s Note 2: Please note that the translations may not be 100% accurate, and if you have better translations, please let us know in the comments down below 🙂

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kpop, cpop, c-dramas - ult: nct & enhypen <33
she/her enfp-t