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Nana (Youngrong Kim) Profile & Facts

Nana Youngrong Kim Profile: Nana Youngrong Kim Facts and Ideal Type

NANA Youngrong Kim (나나영롱킴)
is a South Korean Drag Artist Performer since 2007.

Stage Name: NANA Youngrong Kim (나나영롱킴)
Birth Name: Kim Young-rong (킴영롱)
Birthday: N/A
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Height: 181 cm (5’11″)
Blood Type: N/A
Instagram: nana_youngrongkim

NANA Youngrong Kim Facts:
— He is from Busan, South Korea.
— He lives in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
— He has a dog named Marie that is a mix of jindo.
— He has a fish tank at home. (AWESOME WORLD)
— He is a part of the drag show production team Neon Milk.
— He has begun his drag career through the musical film “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” in college. (scmp)
— He finds peace when he spends time with his dog.
— He always projected his personality and expressions into his drag persona.
— He fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a singer, model, and actor as a drag artist.
— His drag name comes from Nana in Teletubbies and he combined that with his actual name. (AWESOME WORLD)
— He always looks forward and keeps himself busy so he doesn’t have time to feel like an outsider. (AWESOME WORLD)
— At 10 years old he wanted to become a Sailor Neptune and Sailor Saturn in “Sailor Moon” anime. (AWESOME WORLD)
— His mom always supports him and his work. (AWESOME WORLD)
— He is good friends with Bambi even before NEON MILK. They’ve known each other for a long time. (AWESOME WORLD)
— According to Bambi, he is never late. (AWESOME WORLD)
— When he is in a relationship, he is a romanticist. (AWESOME WORLD)
— Outside of drag, he is a friendly and playful person. (AWESOME WORLD)
— It takes him 2-3 hours to do drag makeup. (AWESOME WORLD)
— He is working as a skin consultant so he would commit to this job if he wasn’t doing drag. (AWESOME WORLD)
— He was a muse for LANG & LU 2019 F/W and called their collection “Oh Nana”.
— He hopes people view drag with less prejudice and more as a fun and light world. (AWESOME WORLD)
— His favorite drag queen in Korea is Ninano from a bar called Trance and in America is Kim Chi. (NEON MILK Q&A)
— He releases stress by playing Overwatch with Bambi and he’s super good at playing Widowmaker. (NEON MILK Q&A)
— His position is bottom. (NEON MILK Q&A)
— He prefers tea over any coffee. (NEON MILK Q&A)
— His life motto is “Live free but not too freely”. (NEON MILK Q&A)
— He had 2-3 years break form drag. (NEON MILK Q&A)
— His favorite animated character is Asuka Langley Soryu from “Neon Genesis Evangelion” since childhood.
— He doesn’t like it when fans pull his wig and outfit. It makes him physically uncomfortable.
— He loves orange and gold colors.
— The makeup product he buys most frequently is the foundation.
— He supports girls doing drag makeup.
— The secret of his skincare routine is spending a lot of time in cleansing. Especially he does deep-cleansing every three days and wears a moisturizing mask pack every night.
— He was a bar manager in Itaewon.
— His favorite song is “Belief” by Lee Sora.
— He loves chicken.
— He appeared in MAMAMOO‘s “HIP” and Brown Eyed Girls‘s “Wonder Woman” Music Videos.
— He orders Honey Combo from Kyochon with potato wedges on the side and watches tv.
— He prefers a short wig over a long one.
— He is good friends with K-pop idol Holland and featured in his music video for “I Am Not Afraid”.
— He admits he is a smoker but he smokes only at work and not at home. (남규 NAMGYU)
— Movies and music make him sentimental. (남규 NAMGYU)
— When he’s mad he doesn’t speak, only stare. (남규 NAMGYU)
— He rarely hates someone but if he does, he ignores them even face to face. (남규 NAMGYU)
— He doesn’t think he’s that masculine but has some fem sides. The truth is he doesn’t think he’s fem rather cute. (남규 NAMGYU)
— He didn’t have plastic surgery, only some injections. (남규 NAMGYU)
— He was a good fighter in school. He had a fourth-degree in Taekwondo. (남규 NAMGYU)
— One of his boyfriends dumped him after finding out that he was a drag artist. (Vice)
— He is best friends with the older brother of his first love.
— His favorite fragrance is Lantan by Eastear.
— NANA Youngrong Kim’s Ideal Type: Model and actor Nam Joo-hyuk. (NEON MILK Q&A 2019)

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