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Namie Amuro Profile and Facts

Namie Amuro Profile and Facts:

Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵) is a Japanese pop and R&B singer, songwriter, producer, actress, model, dancer, and former idol who was active from 1992-2018. During her career, she sold over 36.18 million records in Japan, had 13 platinum albums, broke numerous records, and was as a trendsetter, fashion icon, and role model for girls and women. In 2018, she retired from the entertainment industry and shut down her websites and fan club, vanishing from the public eye. However, she is still remembered and beloved internationally as the queen of J-Pop.

Fan Name: Amuraa (アムラー)

Birth Name: Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵)
Birthday: September 20, 1977
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Birthplace: Naha, Okinawa Prefecture
Height: 158 cm (5’2)
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Japanese
Official Website: http://namieamuro.jp/ (Blank)
YouTube: Namie Amuro
IMDb: Namie Amuro
Spotify: Namie Amuro
Apple Music: Namie Amuro

Namie Amuro Facts:
— Namie is a mezzo-soprano.
— She is the daughter of Japanese author Emiko Taira. Taira was a single mother who worked two jobs to support Namie and her three siblings.
— She is 1/4 Italian.
— Her personality is shy and humble.
— When she was 13, Namie was scouted and began attending Okinawa Actors School.
— Initially, she wanted to be an actress, but she after watching the MV for Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” she was inspired to become a singer.
— In 1992, she debuted as the lead vocalist of the idol group Super Monkey’s. The members were good friends and all supported each other.
— Although Super Monkey’s didn’t sell well, Namie became so popular for her work as a model and actress that they changed their name to Namie Amuro with Super Monkey’s.
— When she first debuted as a 14 year old, she was so self-conscious about her image she refused to do things like wear pink or laugh. She eventually grew out of these habits.
— She debuted as a soloist in 1995 with the album Dance Tracks Vol.1. It sold over 1 million copies.
— In 1996, she released her second album Sweet 19 Blues. It was a massive success, selling more than 3.5 million copies, debuting at #1 on the Oricon Albums Chart, spending 42 weeks in the top 100, becoming the best-selling CD of the year, and briefly being the best-selling album in Japanese music history.
— Super Monkey’s disbanded later that year, with the remaining members (minus Namie) forming MAX.
— The same year, she became the youngest soloist to perform at a stadium in Japan.
— She was the first teenage artist to sell over 20 million singles and albums.
— In 1997, at the age of 19, she married SAM, a member of dance group TRF. The following year, she had her son, Haruto Maruyama, and went on a one year hiatus.
— On March 17, 1999, her mother Emiko was murdered by her ex-husband’s brother, leading Amuro to drop everything to return to Okinawa.
— In 2002, she divorced SAM, beginning a custody battle for Haruto. Ultimately, Amuro gained full custody.
— From 2002-2003, she was a member of Suite Chic, a collaborative unit of R&B artists.
— Her music has been self-produced since the release of Style in 2003.
— She is a big fan of the Pink Panther and did a collaboration with him on her 2005 album Queen of Hip-Pop.
— Her popularity, which dipped after her maternity hiatus, revived in 2007 with the release of Play.
— During a collab with Vidal Sassoon in 2008, two Barbie dolls were made of her. Only 300 of each were made.
— In 2010, she won the award for Best Asian Artist at the World Music Awards.
— In 2013, she founded Dimension Point, her own record label. Two years later, she opened Stella88, her private management office.

— Especially in the 90’s, she is regarded as a fashion icon with her tanned skin, brown hair, thin eyebrows, mini-skirts, and thick boots. Women who imitated her style were called “Amuraas.”
— Her signature style was also an inspiration for gyaru fashion.
— She has four tattoos, including one that says her son’s name and a memorial tattoo for her mother.
— Despite growing up in Okinawa, which has a tropical climate, she can’t swim and prefers snow.
— Some fans say she resembles KARA‘s Goo Hara and LOONA/Loossemble‘s ViVi.
— In September 2017, she announced her retirement after 25 years. She believed she had reached the peak of her career and had accomplished all she needed to. Damage to her vocal cords was also a factor.
— She currently lives a private life. Her lawyer asks that no one requests interviews to maintain her privacy.
— Her net worth is around $100 million USD.
— She has performed songs for ONE PIECE, Inuyasha, Fly with the Gold, Death Note: Light Up the New World, Women Play Twice, Veronica Mars, and Pokémon: The Movie.

— She has won more than 70 awards, including 17 Japan Gold Disc Awards, 10 Japan Record Awards, 6 Space Shower Music Awards, 14 MTV Video Music Awards Japan, and the Okinawa Prefectural People’s Honor Award.
— Overall, she has released 12 studio albums, 7 compilation albums, 10 live albums, 14 video albums, and 47 singles.
— She also released 102 music videos, held 26 concert tours, participated in the Kōhaku Uta Gassen 10 times, is credited as an actress in 9 dramas/movies, and has donated more than 87 million yen to charity.
— She is the only music artist who has sold a million albums in their teens, 20s, 30s and 40s.

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