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Minjae (xikers) Profile

Minjae (xikers) Profile and Facts

Kim Minjae (김민재) is a member of the boy group xikers, under KQ Entertainment.

Facts about Minjae:
Stage Name:
Minjae (민재)
Birth Name:
 Kim Min-Jae (김민재)
Birthday: April 10, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Goat
Blood Type: B
MBTI Type: ENFP (previously INFP)
Nationality: Korean
Representative emoji: 🐰
Fandom name: Minjaekkeo

– Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Composer.
– Minjae became an idol because as a child he saw a musical performance that inspired him.
– He was an athlete in school.
– He played basketball in high school and was number 17 on his team.
– As a kid, he was the strongest in his class and could out-lift everyone.
– He learned very early that Santa Claus did not exist, around the age of 4 or 5.
– He did a dance cover of FAKE LOVE by BTS.
– In 2020, he began trying his hand at creating hand-drawn personalized phone cases.
– He is the member with the longest training period, being a trainee for 7 years.
– Minjae was first introduced on KQ Entertainment’s Instagram on March 18, 2019.
– He has an older brother that is two years older than him.
– He is the best at camera spotting on stage.
– According to Hunter, in her free time, Minjae goes out to produce music.
– His main hobbies are composing, playing the piano and playing guitar.
– He enjoys taking photos.
– He is good at drawing.
– Minjae knows how to beatbox.
– He is good in English.
– He has great leadership skills.
– He’s good at imitating choreographies: he only needs to watch the choreography once to remember it.
– He can sing with an echo effect.
– Minjae is the shortest member of XIKERS, but can jump the highest.
– He can’t stand bungee jumping.
– He is always hungry.
– His favorite food is pork belly and ramen.
– He likes(food): (Texas)barbecue, eggplants( he thought he didn’t like them ), clam chowder, shrimp.
– His favorite ice cream flavor is rainbow sherbet.
– His favorite drink is the smoothie.
– He likes(drink): coffee.
– Generally he doesn’t like melon.
– He hates mint chocolate ice cream.
– He really likes music, especially hip-pop, pop, and lo-fi.
– He’s favorite color is blue.
– His favorite song from the latest album is ‘Red Sun’.
– He prefers to have his hair back rather than in front.
– He doesn’t like working out.
– Minjae is afraid of spiders.
– He is the group’s official all-rounder.
– He is the one who gives the best advice within the group.
– Minjae has the deepest voice in the group, but can also go very high with his voice.
– He wants to appear on Amazing Saturday with Seeun. It’s a show he watches every week.
– He’s friendship with Junmin is called JUNMINJAE
– He doesn’t take care of his contact lenses after taking them out.
– He is Hufflepuff in Harry Potter.
– If it was his last day on Earth he would like to do one last concert for his fans.
– He is close friends with ENHYPEN Jungwon.
– Role Model: ATEEZ Hongjoong.
– Charming point:when he focuses or mindfully concentrates on music and when he’s free in the dorms.

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