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FiDZ Members Profile

FiDZ Members Profile: FiDZ Facts

FiDZ (ふぃっず), also known as FLAME OF IOOOOO DEGREEZ, is a Japanese girl group based in Tokyo, consisting of four members Ui CHiHiRO, Oe Hina, Suwaru, and Yura Meki.
FiDZ is managed by T-REX and is made up mainly of former Merry Bad End members. They will have their debut live on January 30th 2022, their debut single is called Lightning.

FiDZ Fandom Name: –
FiDZ Official Colors:

FiDZ Official Accounts:
Twitter: official_FiDZ

FiDZ Members Profile:
Ui Chihiro

Stage Name: Ui Chihiro (眠神ちひろ)
Birth Name: –
Position: Leader
Birthday: December 9, –
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 156 cm (5’1”)
Blood Type: B
Twitter: FiDZ_chihiro
Instagram: _nanamechan_
Blog: tsumu-3chi3

CHiHiRO Facts:
– Member color: blue
– She is a former member, leader, and establisher of Merry Bad End
– Her former stagename is Mikami CHiHiRO  (眠神ちひろ)
– Hobbies: idols, drinking sleeping, reading manga, and music
– Chihiro loves alcohol and drinking, and her favourite drinks are Umeshu, Jack Daniels and Akadama Wine
– She describes herself as “a melancholic introvert”

Oe Hina

Stage Name: Oe Hina (大江 陽菜)
Birth Name: Oe Hina (大江 陽菜)
Birthday: October 21, –
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type: –
Twitter: FiDZ_hina
Instagram: void_me_222
Blog: void__me_222

Oe Hina Facts:
– Her member color is white
– She is a former member of Merry Bad End and Asaborake no Aka Iro wa Imada Kimi no Uchi ni Kowarezu ni iru
– Likes: music, anime, and movies
– She is a fan of K-pop and likes Twice and Mamamoo


Stage Name: Suwaru (座る)
Birth Name: –
Birthday: May 18th, –
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type: –
Twitter: FiDZ_suwaru
Instagram: suwaru_u

Suwaru Facts:
– Her official member color is orange
– She is a former Merry Bad End member
– Suwaru is from the Ogasawara Islands, Japan
– She has written songs for Yunagi Prism
– Likes: photography, cranes, idols, games, and manga
– She is a participant in MISS FLASH 2022 and is active as a gravure idol

Yura Meki

Stage Name: Yura Meki (ユラメキ)
Birth Name: –
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type: –
TikTok: pink___color

Yura Meki Facts:
– Her member color is purple
– She is from Kansai, Japan
– She is a fan of idols, in particular of Sakurazaka46
– Her nickname is Yura-chan

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