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MARS Members Profile

MARS Members Profile

MARS (마스) a fictional Korean boy group under Starpeace Entertainment and they were created for the JTBC television drama Idol: The Coup.

MARS Members Profile:
Seo Jihan

Drama Name: Seo Jihan (서지한)
Starring: Kim Minkyu (김민규)
Age: 26
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist

Seo Jihan Facts:
– Starring by: Kim Minkyu.


Drama Name: Ray (레이)
Starring: Jo Joonyoung (주준영)
Age: 24
Position: Main Vocalist, Main Dancer

Ray Facts:
– Starring by actor Jo Joonyoung.
– He is the brain of the group.
– He ranked first in grades at his school.
– He is good at singing and dancing.


Drama Name: Yul (율)
Starring: Hong Eunki (홍은기)
Age: 22 (?)
Position: Sub-Vocalist, Main Dancer

Yul Facts:
– Starring by: Hong Eunki, member of RAINZ.
– He has sweet and affectionate personality.
– He is in charge of dancing in the group.
– He is great at communicating with his fans.


Drama Name: Taeyoung (태영)
Starring: Baek Seohoo (백서후)
Age: 21
Position: Sub-Vocalist, Visual

Taeyoung Facts:
– Starring by actor Baek Seohoo.
– He is famous for his good looks and upright image.
– He is always nagging the other members in the group.


Drama Name: Dan (단)
Starring: Lee Eunsang (이은상)
Age: 23
Position: Sub-Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae

Dan Facts:
– Starring by: Lee Eunsang, ex member of X1.
– He is the youngest member but he always seems older than his age.

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