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Lyrical Lily Members Profile and Facts

Lyrical Lily Members Profile and Facts

Lyrical Lily is a 4-member female DJ group in the Dig Delight Direct Drive DJ/D4DJ franchise. Their music genre consists of House and Synthpop. The members consist of Sakurada Miyu (voiced by Tanda Hazuki), Kasuga Haruna (voiced by Shindo Amane), Shiratori Kurumi (voiced by Fukagawa Ruka) and Takeshita Miiko (voiced by Watase Yuzuki). They debuted in 2020 when they first performed their song “The Color of Tainted Sorrow” in the MixChannel Presents D4DJ CONNECT LIVE.

Lyrical Lily Members Profile:
Tanda Hazuki

Plays: Sakurada Miyu
Position: Vocalist
Birthday: February 28, 2001
Zodiac: Pisces
Height: 153 cm
Blood Type: A
Instagram: tandahazuki_
Twitter: tanda_hazuki
Website (Agency): Hazuki Tanda

Tanda Hazuki Facts:
– Her special skills include playing the guitar, dancing and singing.
– Her hobbies are cooking, playing badminton and listening to music.
– She used to perform locally in Hiroshima until graduating from middle school.
– She has appeared in several TV programs, commercials and music videos.
– She is also a member of sumimi, voicing Mana Sumida.

Shindo Amane

Plays: Kasuga Haruna
Positions: DJ
Birthday: April 20, 2004
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 163 cm
Blood Type: A
Twitter: amane_bushi
Website (Agency): Amane Shindo

Shindo Amane Facts:
– She has an older sister.
– Her special skills include playing guitar and dancing.
– She can play the electric guitar and is learning the acoustic guitar.
– She likes to play games, watch horror movies and collect stuffed animals.
– She dislikes sweet foods.

Fukagawa Ruka

Plays: Shiratori Kurumi
Positions: VJ, Chorus
Birthday: September 6, 2004
Zodiac: Virgo
Height: 156 cm
Blood Type: AB
Twitter: Ruka_Fukagawa96
Website (Agency): Ruka Fukagawa

Fukagawa Ruka Facts:
– She can play the flute.
– Her hobbies are reading, watching anime and listening to music.
– She is a fan of Vocaloid.
– She is nearsighted and wears glasses to help her see far away.

Watase Yuzuki

Plays: Takeshita Miiko
Positions: Background vocals
Birthday: February 18, 2003
Zodiac: Aquarius
Height: 153 cm
Blood Type: O
Twitter: Watase_Yuzuki
Website (Agency): Yuzuki Watase

Watase Yuzuki Facts:
– She is a member of Ave Mujica, playing Mortis.
– She can play the electone.
– She is ambidextrous.
– Her hobbies are taking photos, making sweets and singing.
– She is a big fan of Disney.
– She is easily frightened and hates ghosts.
– Her favourite D4DJ character other than Miiko is Hidaka Saori of Merm4id.

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