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“LOVEdrunk” (THE NEW ASUKA) Album Info

“LOVEdrunk” (THE NEW ASUKA) Album Info

LOVEdrunk” is the debut album by THE NEW ASUKA and was released on June 2, 2023 with “LOVEdrunk” serving as the title track.

Release Date: June 2, 2023
Type: Extended Play
Label: independent
Genre: Pop, Dpop, German Pop
Writers: THE NEW ASUKA, Imen Awag (panthyr xx), Steffen Kronberg (kickpunchpow), Phạm Gia Bảo (BảoKun)
Composers/Arrangers: THE NEW ASUKA, Imen Awag (panthyr xx), Lee Seung Hyun (Rocke Punch)
Mixing Engineer: Seb Monzel (all tracks)
Mastering Engineers: Seb Monzel (Track 2-4), Robin Schmidt (Track 1)

1. “LOVEdrunk” – 3:32
2. “nONsTOP” – 3:24
3. “blue hearts” – 2:31
4. “Irresistible” (feat. panthyr xx) – 3:06


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