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THE NEW ASUKA Profile and Facts (UPDATED!)


THE NEW ASUKA is the first self-made German idol. He is a K-pop inspired soloist and he will debut on June 02, 2023 with his debut EP “LOVEdrunk”.

THE NEW ASUKA Fandom Name: blue hearts
THE NEW ASUKA Official Color: Blue

Stage Name: THE NEW ASUKA (데 뉴 아수카)
Nationality: German/Vietnamese
Birthday: January 14, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Year: Sheep
Height: 186 cm
Blood Type:
Website: linktr.ee/thenewasuka
Instagram: @thenewasuka
Tiktok: @thenewasuka

– THE NEW ASUKA is a singer, songwriter, and self-made idol.
– He chose his stage name because he was a singer in other projects before and now he wanted to go solo and become a new self, and because he likes the meaning of the name Asuka (“fragrance of tomorrow”).
– He is from Jena, Germany.
– He has german citizenship but his parents are from Vietnam.
– His parents are both shorter than him and he has no idea how to answer when people ask him why he’s so tall.
– His dream is to be a successful musician.
– Before becoming an idol, he was a singer in several bands.
– He already had stage performances at several K-pop dance cover contests, conventions, parties, and shows in Germany.
– His best friend is his drummer and rapper kickpunchpow.
– He regularly releases german versions of popular kpop songs like “Red Lights” by Stray Kids, “BTBT” by B.I and “Who Do You Love” by Monsta X together with kickpunchpow, and “Hype Boy” by NewJeans. THE NEW ASUKA also has a rock cover of “Tamed-Dashed” by Enhypen.
– Who Do You Love by Monsta X is one of the first songs that brought him into kpop.
– He is producing his songs on his own and writes the lyrics himself.
–He also edits his videos himself.
– He has his own photocard set which is sold out.
– Several fans spotted him as visitor of the Kpop Flex Festival 2022 in Germany and asked him for pics.
– He is super sweet when meeting his fans.
– His signature style is wearing a bandana/headband.
– He has earrings and a nostril piercing.
– He has several tattoos on his arms, also a bass clef on his right wrist, a medical heart on his chest, and a geometrical heart on his neck.
– His favorite colour is royal blue.
– His favorite food is ramen.
– He likes bubble tea.
– Favorite animal: bear.
– Making the four songs of his debut album took around 6 to 7 months with the help of other talented musicians.
– The MV of his debut was filmed at residence castle Heidecksburg in Rudolstadt, Germany. The MV will be out at May 11 and the album release showcase will be held at Big Kpop Day on June 3, 2023 in Dresden.
– The choreo of his debut song was made by Minh, as THE NEW ASUKA said himself he is a singer but not a good dancer.
– His dream date would be fast food, memes, and trash films.
THE NEW ASUKA’s ideal type: “Someone with a pretty face and a pretty heart who has their own passion and fun with life and who is spontaneous.”

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