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Livrside Crew Profile and Facts

Livrside Crew Artists Profile:

Livrside (리버사이드) is a Korean creative collective with 7 members: Trade L, Jaeha, Park Hyeonjin, NETSOMWARE, Juto, Chanmin & LEEYOUNGWOONG.

Livrside Official Accounts:
Instagram: livrsideofficial 
SoundCloud: livrsideofficial

Livrside Facts:
– The crew was established in 2020.
– As of 2021 there’s only 7 members. 5 artists, 1 audio engineer, and 1 video director.
– As a collective, they have a song called “LEVITATE” which you can find on their SoundCloud.
– All of the artists from Livrside auditioned and made it into HSR4.

Livrside Members Profile:
Trade L

Artist Name: Trade L (트레이드 엘)
Birth name: Lee Seunghoon (이승훈)
Birthday: July 20, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 173cm – 175cm (5’8″)
Instagram: wheristrade
SoundCloud: whereistrade

Trade L Facts:
– Trade L got his start in SoundCloud.
– Trade L had auditioned for SingHere, a survival competition program where the winner would get signed to Jay Park‘s label AOMG. The show executives did not pass his audition. However, Jay Park saw it and decided to check his SoundCloud out. Which would, later on, get Trade L signed to H1GHR Music.
– Out of everyone in H1GHR Music he’s the youngest.
– He participated in “Code Clear“, a Dingo Freestyle special project involving a total of 63 rappers.
– The member from H1ghr Music he’s closest to is BIG Naughty, according to him, they text each other constantly.
– Jaeha describes him as kind, soft and hard working.
– He’s a HSR4 contestant and is in Team Ambition.
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Artist name: Jaeha (재하)
Birth name: Kim Jaeha (김재하)
Birthday: December 14, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 172cm (5’7″)
Instagram: jaeha_8323
SoundCloud: jaeha8323

Jaeha Facts:
– He got his start in SoundCloud.
– He released his first track “안았어야해” as a solo on June 25, 2019.
– On July 18, 2019 he released the same track, now featuring Futuristic Swaver.
– On Dec 22, 2019 he released the music video in which
Futuristic Swaver also appeared in.
– He views Futuristic Swaver like a dad. He’s grateful that because of him more people paid attention to his music.
– He wants his music to be able to help students who feel like they can’t express themselves.
– He doesn’t like reading comments because he gets hurts easily, so to avoid encountering any mean comments he prefers to avoid reading them.
– He’s a HSR4 contestant and is in Team Daytona.
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Park Hyeonjin

Artist Name: Park Hyeonjin (박현진)
Birth Name: Park Hyeonjin (박현진)
Birthday: May 24, 2005
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Instagram: parkhyeonjin___
SoundCloud: parkhyeonjin____

Park Hyeonjin Facts:
– He participated in Kpop Star Hunt 6 as a duo called BOYFRIEND with Kim Jongseob and won.
– He participated in the group project OGZ with Jo Woochan and Achillo.
– He belongs to 2 crews, Livrside and All Around Players.
– Used to be a YG trainee but left to join Starship. On 2020 he parted ways with the company.
– On July 22, 2020 he released his first SoundCloud track “I Don’t Know (Rough Demo)“.
– During HSR4 he revealed he had left his company as his dream wasn’t to become an idol. He did it for his mom, but as he felt miserable he decided to pursue his own path in music instead.
– He can play the piano and guitar.
– He can sing, rap and dance.
– He’s a HSR4 contestant and is in Team H1ghr.
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Artist Name: Juto (유토)
Birth name: Kim Chanyoung (김찬영)
Birthday: July 31, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Instagram: juto777
SoundCloud: juto77

Juto Facts:
– His MBTI is INFP.
– He began rapping first on SoundCloud.
– Released his first track “NAVI“, a collab with Jaeha in Sept. of 2019.
– He released his first EP “Map Of The Sea” on December 20, 2019
– In Nov. of 2020, his second EP “Progress” was released.
– Was a HSR4 contestant, unfortunately got eliminated in the 2nd round.
– He’s also currently under the label NEW PORT.


Artist Name: LEEYOUNGWOONG (이영웅)
Birth name: Lee Youngwoong (이영웅)
Birthday: – 2005
Zodiac Sign:
Instagram: bemyeyesie
SoundCloud: bemyeyesie

– He got his start in SoundCloud.
– He released his first track “too fast” ft.  HOON on September 18, 2019.
– Was a HSR4 contestant, unfortunately, got eliminated in the 2nd round.
– Lived in Sydney, Australia for a year so he knows some English.


Artist name: NETSOMEWARE
Birth name:
Zodiac Sign:
Instagram: netsomware

– He’s a video director.
– He started directing in 2019.
– He has worked with multiple artists like Yuzion, Dbo & Jaeha, among others.
– His first work was Yuzion‘s “henzclub” ft. hu57la
– Some of his most notable works include Yuzion‘s “In My Pocket” & “Look At Me!!“,  Jaeha‘s “안았어야해” ft Futuristic SwaverDbo‘s “Save Me Again“.


Artist name: MatKor
Birth name: Jeon Chanmin (전찬민)
Zodiac sign:
Instagram: mat.kor_

MatKor Facts:
– MatKor is an audio engineer.
– He was the audio engineer for Jaeha‘s “Life Like Last 18” EP.
– He was the mixer for PLUMA‘s tracks “Skrt” ft. Paloalto & “Hol’ Up” ft. Geegooin.
– For the “VVS H1GHR Remix” he mixed Trade L‘s part.

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