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Lil Mariko Profile

Lil Mariko Profile and Facts:

Lil Mariko is a Chinese-Japanese-American rapper, songwriter, and artist. She debuted on December 17, 2019 with the single “Where’s My Juul??”.

Stage Name: Lil Mariko
Birth Name: Katherine Mariko Zhang
Birthday: March 1, 1996
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Birthplace: New York, United States
Instagram: katmarikoz
FaceBook: lilmariko.music
SoundCloud: lilmarikoofficial
Website: katmzhang.com

Lil Mariko Facts:
– She is dating American music producer/actor Jared Soule (known as Full Tac).
– Her debut single became a viral internet hit, gaining over 23 million views across YouTube and Spotify.
– Lil Mariko’s genres are hip hop, hyperpop, screamo, and trap metal.
– Her songs have gotten quite popular online, mainly on TikTok.
– She went to Pratt Institute, a university in Brooklyn, New York.
– Her father is Chinese and her mother is Japanese.
– She lived in Taipei, China for a while before moving to Houston, Texas with the rest of her family.
-Lil Mariko played violin in middle school.
– She loves 1990’s rave music.
– Her vocals have been compared to American singer Poppy.
– She took serious influence from The Prodigy.
– She collaborated with Full Tac and rapper Rico Nasty for the single “SIMP”.
– Her talents include drawing, photography, sketching and sculpting.
– She revealed that she suffers from social anxiety and the idea of live performances frightens her, however, she isn’t completely opposed to it. Lil Mariko believes that she would get over the initial shock once she was actually on stage.
– She released her first EP “Lil Mariko” on March 18, 2021. The first track is a response to slut-shaming, and was loosely compared to 100 gecs, Doja Cat and BABYMETAL.
– In fact, the EP in general criticises men who sexually harass women or stare at them for too long, send unsolicited inappropriate pictures to women etc.
– Her track “Disgusting” features guest vocals from Zheani.
– She originally released her first single as a joke, however, the single was very successful.

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