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Eun Hae Sung Profile & Facts

Eun Hae Sung Profile: Eun Hae Sung Facts

Eun Hae Sung (은해성) is a South Korean actor and member of SURPRISE U under Fantagio Entertainment. He made his debut in the 2017 Naver series “Idol Fever”.

Birth Name: Eun Hae Sung (은해성)
Birthday: July 11, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rooster
Height: 183cm (6’0″)
Weight: 67kg (147 lbs)
Instagram: @logos.888
Agency Profile: EUN HAE-SEONG

Eun Hae Sung Facts:
– He is an only child.
– Someday, he wants to live surrounded by the nature.
– He is good at acting cute to his girlfriend. (Scene speaker EP.02)
– He likes being straightforward that’s also what makes him feel comfortable. (Scene speaker EP.02)
– According to the movie director Lee Eun-jeong that he worked with on “My Boy”, he is sensitive, innocent, and with his appearance a great fit for romance movies. (Scene speaker EP.02)
– The first movie he played in titled “My Boy” was for the Short Film Project: Beginning released on Naver in June 2017. It was FANTAGIO’s collaboration project between 6 rookie actors and 6 veteran directors.
– He didn’t dream of becoming an actor. As a college student, he wanted to try a new field other than studying. At that time Fantagio made him an offer to try acting. So he started learning it and had a lot of fun. (A to Z 인터뷰)
– Even now as an actor, he still sometimes thinks about what other job he’d like to pursue.
– If he wasn’t an actor he might have become a businessman since he’s interested in the field of marketing. (A to Z 인터뷰)
– As a businessman, he would have made a fun company where everyone can work happily. (A to Z 인터뷰)
– As a hobby, he used to enjoy playing online games but became interested in farmhouses. He fell in love with the fun of managing a small farmhouse so, on his days off, he study things related to it. (A to Z 인터뷰)
– He is also active as a theater actor. (A to Z 인터뷰)
– Even the process and hours of practicing for a theater performance are fun for him. (A to Z 인터뷰)
– Every time he hears compliments regarding his acting, he feels proud and happy. (A to Z 인터뷰)
– He wants to try the melodrama genre. (A to Z 인터뷰)
– He enjoyed watching a movie called “Marriage Story” so much that he wanted to try acting like the main character in this movie so that the audience could deeply empathize with the characters in the play. (A to Z 인터뷰)
– He wants to be remembered as a good actor who was fun and enjoyable. He is always working hard to become such an actor. (A to Z 인터뷰)
– If given the opportunity, he would like to challenge various works. (A to Z 인터뷰)
– One of his goals, if he can afford it, is to spend time in the farmhouse he’d manage while plowing the ground and planting trees. (A to Z 인터뷰)

Eun Hae Sung in Movies:
The ABCs of Our Relationship (관계의 가나다에 있는 우리는) | 2021 – Park Min Gyu
My Boy (마이보이 ) | Naver / 2017 – Eun Gu

Eun Hae Sung in Drama Series:
When My Love Blooms (화양연화) | tvN / 2020 – Lee Dong Jin
Voice 2 (보이스 2) | OCN / 2018 – Kang Sol (ep.7)
Love to the End (끝까지 사랑) | KBS2 / 2018 – K
Idol Fever (아이돌 권한대행) | Naver / 2017 – Hae Sung

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