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LA LIMA Profile and Facts

LA LIMA Profile and Facts:
La Lima
La Lima (라리마) is a fictive soloist from the drama “Imitation” (2021).  She has a sexy concept and debuted under Queen Entertainment.

(Note 1: All facts below are ONLY about this soloist, so please do not confuse the actor profile with her character profile.)

La Lima Fandom Name:

Stage Name: La Lima (라리마)
Birth Name: La Ri Ma (라리마)
Nickname: –
Height: –

La Lima Facts:
(Name can also be written as “La Rima”)
-Very popular due to her visuals, charisma, singing ability and talent.
-She catches the public’s attention with her sexy and sophisticated image.
-Although she has thousands of fans, she always feels lonely.
-She tries to get closer with the female trainees in her company.
-Maha, a member from Tea Party, copies and imitates her.
-She was a trainee at NOG Entertainment but left the company before debuting in a girl group. After that, she debuted as a soloist in a different company.
-She debuted around the same time as Shax.
-She is close friends and had a minor crush on Shax member, KwonRyuk.
[Played by Ji Yeon]

(Note 2: This artist is based on the kakaopage webtoon ‘IMITATION’ (이미테이션) which will be broadcasting as a KBS K-drama on May 7th, 2021.)

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Latest comeback:

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