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Interview with SRZN

Interview With SRZN

We talked with SRZN, an independent Kpop group. They talk about future plans, their musical inspirations and more! [Date: March 26, 2022]
You can view SRZN’ profile here.

1. Before starting, would you like to say something to the people who support and wait for you?
Dana: Garos or you guys, Garosuke 🧡
Roz Kim: I’m thankful that there are people who support me and Serozna.
SeRyun: Thank you for waiting even though the break was long!

2. What’s the upcoming album’s message?
Dana: It’s about being angry at the man who cheated on you.
Roz Kim: It contains a message that even normal people should not cheat because the wind drives them crazy.
SeRyun: You’ll get in trouble if you cheat on me!

3. Is it hard being a group? Are there problems in communication? How do you solve it?
Dana: We used to be close, so we didn’t have much difficulties and everything went smoothly.^^
Roz Kim: Group life is difficult for me 😔 There are many reasons, but I’m very self-conscious and I’m very stressed because I can’t say what I want to say properly.
SeRyun: There has never been a problem with communication because the relationship did not start at work!

4. Do you have any plans to release vocal or dance covers?
Dana: I always want to do it if I’m ready!
Roz Kim: I don’t have any plans for covers yet.
SeRyun: If I can afford it… I don’t have a definite plan.😢

5. While preparing your new song, what’s your inspiration?
Dana: Let’s listen to the composer’s sophistication.
Roz Kim: It’s hard to explain because I didn’t participate in writing the lyrics and composing.
SeRyun: Don’t cling to love and love yourself the most!

6. What’s the charms of each member?
Dana: Sophisticated and chic, but warm inside. Roz Kim is full of charm in terms of her visuals.
Roz Kim: SeRyun is a pretty, charming, multi-talented idol. I’m sophisticated and have chic charm. Dana has cute charm.
SeRyun: Dana is cute and Roz Kim is charming. I think each of us named it so well that it fits our image.

7. Members, please recommend a song for your fans’ playlists.
Dana: I’ve been into Kim Sooyoung lately.🧡
Roz Kim: I’m going to empty it out. I’d love to.
SeRyun: I recommend Kim Eui-young’s songs. Especially the late night dance song recommendations!

8. Do you have any future plans? 
Dana: It’s not confirmed yet, but we’re working on our next album.
SeRyun: I’m planning my next album.
Roz Kim: I want to say thank you to the fans and please look forward to our second single that will be released this year.♡

9. How to describe your style?
Dana: Mumostyle
SeRyun: Fun, cool, sexy.
Roz Kim: Casual style…? LOL

10. What style of singing / rap and dancing do you have?
Dana: The genre is irrelevant, so I’m dancing all the time. I didn’t say I was good at dancing.
SeRyun: It seems to be a combination of cuteness and bizarreness.
Roz Kim: There are K-hip hop west tile songs and dances.

11. How did you react when your debut single came out?
Dana: I haven’t seen myself in the video for a day or two, but I’m used to it now.
SeRyun: It was amazing that more international fans liked it than I thought.
Roz Kim: My acquaintances said it was funny. Lol

12. What is your biggest dream both as a person and as a member of SRZN?
Dana: SRZN is on a world tour.
SeRyun: Joint performance with BTS.
Roz Kim: SRZN goes to Billboard ☆ Working with Ariana Grande ☆.

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