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Interview with DIAWINGS

Interview with DIAWINGS

We talked with DIAWINGS, an Indie Kpop group. They talk about future plans, their musical inspirations and more! [Date: November 1, 2021]
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Before starting, I want you to introduce yourselves for your supporters.
We always thank you so much and hope everyone stay healthy from COVID-19🥲

When and how DIAWINGS came together?
Diawings was started in 2016 and we’ve had performances on small stages and we’ve released our official album “Round n Round” on October 2018. Cheong Hae and Yi Yeon knew each other personally and have been best friends for 12 years, and Nature joined Diawings in 2018.

If you had to pick one of your favourite songs from any of your albums, which one would it be and why?
It would be “More & More“, our latest single. It’s because we put in it the message that we wanted to convey after we’ve matured, going through many things.

Have you thought about a fandom name?
Since we’ve not officially debuted and we’re not good enough in our skills nor visuals,  we just think that it’s too much for us…. We’re gonna think about it later😭

What’s the interesting and charming points of the members?
Actually, there are not that many charming points of each member🙄… but instead we shine more when all three of us are together. The three of us have good chemistry 🙂

Is it hard to do everything on your own?
This is… so hard. We have to make the results satisfying to all of us during the extra time after our work for 9 hours as general Korean office workers, and then with the money we earn from our workplace, we make a living, make music, choreograph and plan various contents, so honestly its quality is not good enough and it makes us sad… but growing up together, it’s also fun to try various things.

What’s your hopes about DIAWINGS?
As long as we can do this, we want to convey our messages.

Did you expect having that much followers when you start DIAWINGS?
Never… We’ve never expected that, but we made our Instagram because there should be a web page introducing us at least. So it’s always amazing and we’re thankful.

Are there any songs or dances you would like to cover at the moment?
When we’ve got more skills and practiced enough we’d like to cover one of BLACKPINK’s songs. BLACKPINK is so perfect in everything, like dance, vocal and visual, so we can’t just follow them🤭

Which singers do you look up to? I mean role models?
We like BTS, the hottest artist in Korea. We want to become a team who can put meaningful messages into trendy K-POP music and performances.

If you could collaborate with anyone right now, who would you choose and why?
Umm… we haven’t thought about that. We think we need to grow up more first so that we can collaborate with any great artist. 🥲

For people travelling to Korea, what food/drink would you recommend?
There are so many… We’d like to recommend to dip Myungrang Hotdog into Tteokbokki with rose sauce😆👍

Have you ever searched your group name on the Internet?
Yes, we have. We searched our group name on Youtube, but we got only golf ball😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

Which dish is your comfort food?
Because we’re Korean it’s gonna be definitely Kimchi… ❤

What are some things you do for ‘healing’ time?
We go to green places that have beautiful views, have some honest talk with the three of us and play with our dog Butter. Butter is so lovely.

Tell us three must-have items that are with you at all times.
Coffee, Butter🐕(our dog), and a car.

How do you spend your spare times?
We watch Youtube lying on the bed or go for a walk with our dog Butter. For all three of us, the answer is one of the two.

Suggest a song for your fans.
“More & More”, our single album this time. We hope that everyone can get some strength to walk through their lives by listening to the song.

Lastly, tell something to the people supports you!
We just thank you. So much. We’ll repay your support with more great music.

Special greeting video for the interview:

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