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Kim Yooyeon (tripleS) Profile and Facts

Kim YooYeon Profile and Facts

Kim YooYeon is a member of the South Korean girl group tripleS under MODHAUS. She was a contestant on the survival show My Teenage Girl.

Fandom Name: Yooenmi (유앤미) (Yooyeon and Me / unofficial)
Official Color: Opera Pink

Official Account:
Instagram: @kimyooyeon_

Birth Name: Kim Yoo Yeon (김유연)
Birth Date: February 9, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake
Height: 164 cm (5’4″)
Weight: 46 kg (101lbs)
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: B
Representative Emoji: Rabbit🐰

Kim YooYeon Facts:
– She is born and raised in South Korea.
Favourite Food: Sweet Potato.
Favourite Season: Spring.
Hobby: Skiing.
– Education: Seoul Wonchon Elementary School (graduated), Wonchon Middle School  (gradauted), Sehwa Girls’ High School (graduated) , Ewha Woman’s University – Science Department (Leave of Absence)
– She always wanted to be an idol.
– Her favorite malatang topping is oyster mushrooms.
– Many people says she looks similar to DIA/I.O.I Chaeyeon, Oh My Girl‘s Arin ,(G)I-DLE‘s Shuhua, and LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha 
– YooYeon is very good at mathematics.
– Her parents were against her being an idol because her parents want her to have a ‘normal’ job, so she was taking a risk by participating in My Teenage Girl, they didn’t understand her decision.
– As her parents are against her being an idol, they said if she didn’t debut from My Teenage Girl, they asked her to request to go back to the University.
– She asked her mom if she watched My Teenage Girl, her mom did watch it sometimes but didn’t vote for her because it was difficult for her.
– However, when YooYeon debuted in tripleS, she said that her mom wanted to buy 300 of her objekts (photocards), so fans believe her parents now respect her decision to be an idol.
– YooYeon’s favorite IU songs are “Someday” and “Heart”.
– Her favorite Baskin Robbins’ ice cream is strawberry latte.
– YooYeon is most confident in cooking soft boiled eggs.
– She has been studying all her life because her parents wanted her to study Medicine.
– Her dream is eating sushi and skiing in Switzerland.
– She participated in every academic competition when she was younger.
– Her mother is a pharmacist.
YooYeon’s father is a doctor.
– YooYeon is currently learning Japanese.
– She has a younger sibling.
– She applied for Ehwa University, Kyunghee University, and Chung-Ang University.
Her least favorite pasta is rose pasta.
– She wanted to become a singer after watching stages of idols and wanted to be like them.
– Her role model is TWICE, when she sees the TWICE members she becomes happy.
– Her parents were originally going to name her Bora.
– YooYeon’s TOEIC score is somewhere in the 800s.
– When she is in a difficult situation, she tends to practice more.
– She wants to become an idol who can bring happiness to others.
– She listens to Someday by IU all the time.
– Her favourite songs are the ones that are popular, she only listens to Melon Top 100.
– YooYeon’s friends said that she is beautiful, cute and well-educated.
– She prefers tuna over Korean beef.
– When she was in middle school she studied really well but in high school she couldn’t study well.
– She doesn’t like Mint Chocolate but when she is down she will eat it.
– She took a test that cost 70k won to find out her personal colour, her personal colour is ‘warm spring’.
– YooYeon’s favorite cheese is gorgonzola, string cheese, and cheese on pizza.
– Her favourite snack is Oreo.
– In 3rd Grade of high school she was 60kg.
– During her days off, she doesn’t meet with friends but she sleeps at home.
– YooYeon likes putting string cheese on her ramen.
– She isn’t good at playing games.
– Her favourite ice cream flavour is Cookie & Cream.
– When she was in school, her teacher recommended that she should watch ‘Descendants of The Sun’ if she wanted to become a doctor, but after watching it, she wanted to become a soldier instead.
– YooYeon is most confident in baking sweet potatoes.
– She is left-handed.
– Her grandfather is a painter so she enjoys looking at artwork.
– She liked playing sudoku when she was in high school.
– She is close friends with Hyungseo, Chaewon and Jimin from CLASS:y and Kelly from TRI.BE.

My Teenage Girl:
Position: Dance
– Motto: “Nothing is Impossible”
– Hashtags: #Milk , #Peach , #Innocent
– From being on the show, she said it gives her strong mental health.
– She says that the other contestants say to her the most: “It can be seen that you practiced a lot”
– Something she wants to tell herself is “YooYeon-ah Fighting!!❤️”
– YooYeon was the ending fairy for the “SAME SAME DIFFERENT” performance with all 83 contestants and gained attraction from many.
– Eliminated in Episode 1.
– Mentor Jeon Soyeon brings her back to the show in Episode 3, Soyeon’s reason is because if you search up the show, Yooyeon comes up first and it is good to have a member of a group that catches the eye to the public.
– Her roommates in the training camp dorm is Yoon Chaewon and Myung Hyungseo.
– Apart from 4th Graders, she is closest with Jimin. They became close because they always danced together.
1st Misson Team: Gashina (Ep.1)
– 2nd Mission Teamaespa’s Black Mamba (Ep. 4)
– 3rd Mission Team: IZ*ONE’s La Vie En Rose (Ep.6)
4th Mission Team: Little Mix’s Power (Ep. 7)
5th Mission Team: GFRIEND‘s Time For The Moon Night (Ep.9)
– 6th Mission Team: Surprise & IU’s Leon (Ep.9 & 10)
– Finale: Dreaming & Sonic Boom
My Teenage Girl Ranking – 3-2-2-1-1-2-2-8.

tripleS Introduction Video

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