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Kim Sejeong Discography

Kim Sejeong Discography

Jelly Box 꽃길 (Jelly Box Flower Way)
Debut Single
Release Date : November 13, 2016

1. 꽃길 (Flower Way)

2. 꽃길 (Flower Way) (Instrumental)

The Legend of the Blue Sea OST Part. 10
Single / OST
Release Date : January 12, 2017

1. 만에 하나 (If Only)

2. 만에 하나 (If Only) (Instrumental)

좋아한다 안 한다 (I Like You, I Don’t)
Single Collaboration
Release Date : June 12, 2017

1. 좋아한다 안 한다 (I Like You, I Don’t) with Taeil

2. 좋아한다 안 한다 (I Like You, I Don’t) (Instrumental)

별빛이 피면 (Star Blossom)
Special Single Collaboration
Release Date : October 13, 2017

1. 별빛이 피면 (Star Blossom) with Doyoung

2. 별빛이 피면 (Star Blossom) (Instrumental)

Mr. Sunshine OST Part. 13
Single / OST
Release Date : September 16, 2018

1. 정인 (情人) (Paramour)

2. 정인 (情人) (Paramour) (Instrumental)

Dingo X Sejeong
Special Single
Release Date : December 2, 2019

1. 터널 (Tunnel)

2. 터널 (Tunnel) (Instrumental)

Crash Landing on You OST Part. 8
Single / OST
Release Date : February 1, 2020

1. 나의 모든 날 (All of My Days)

2. 나의 모든 날 (All of My Days) (Instrumental)

화분 (Plant)
Mini Album / EP
Release Date : March 17, 2020

1. 화분 (Plant)

2. 오늘은 괜찮아 (Hopes for Tomorrow)

3. Skyline

4. 오리발 (Swim Away)

5. 꿈속에서 널 (In My Dream)

Release Date : August 17, 2020

1. Whale

2. Whale (Instrumental)

Mini Album
Release Date : March 29, 2021

  1. Teddy Bear
  2. Warning (feat. lIlBOI)
  3. Do Dum Chit
  4. Let’s Go Home
  5. Maybe I Am

Baby i Love U
Digital Single
Release Date : July 23, 2021

  1. Baby I Love U
  2. Baby I Love U (Inst.)

Love, Maybe (A business Proposal OST bonus track)
Single/ OST
Release Date : April 5, 2022

  1. Love, Maybe (Acoustic Ver.)
  2. Love, Maybe (Acoustic Ver.) (Inst.)

Other features :

2018 National Football Team Cheering Album “We, the Reds” (06/07/2018) [Featured on track 2 “우리는 하나 (We, the Reds)” alongside Leo]

Note Colored songs are the title tracks of each release. If you click on those songs you’ll be redirected to the official MV or, in case those don’t have a MV, a streaming service.

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