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JUNGBIN (POW) Profile and Facts:

JUNGBIN (정빈) is a member of the group POW under GRID Entertainment.

Stage Name: JUNGBIN (정빈)
Birth Name: Lim Jungbin (임정빈)
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
Birthday: July 22nd, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Shoe Size: 280 mm (45 EU, 11½)
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean
Representative Emoji: 🐶*

– He was born in Bucheon, South Korea.
– His favorite color is Light Sky Blue.
– He compares himself to a baby bear or a dog.
– A nickname of his is 자장면 (Jajangmyeon).
– If he could go anywhere, he picks Han River or the gym.
– He likes boardgames and play ball.
– To HONG, JUNGBIN is like a dad.
– Him, HYUNBIN, and HONG are the loudest members in the dorm.
– His favorite part of his apperance are his eyes and lips.
– A hair color he wants to try is ash grey.
– He enjoys singing as well as music.
– Favorite Food: Bread and Donuts (the glazed ones).
– His favorite animals are dogs.
– JUNGBIN has a dog named Jjajang (짜장), a Pomeranian.
– He likes shoes and his favorite item is his beanie.
– He wants time control as his super power.
– His charming points are his smile and big hands.
– A habit of his is touching his ears.
– His strengths are his social skills (talkative) and his positive mindset.
– He enjoys the nature.
– The winter seasons are his favorite.
– He prefers snow, rice, chicken, the sea, ballads, dogs, phone calls, a minimal life, winter, and lyrics.
– JUNGBIN picks to receive the good news first rather than the bad news.
– He picks seeking adventure over purusing safety.
– His favorite numbers are 722, because it reminds him of his birthday.
– He has mentioned that his mental age is 20.
– He enjoys taking a hot shower after a long day.
– His favorite sports are bowling, billiards, table tennis, swimming, and Taekwondo.
– JUNGBIN’s role model is IU.
– His favorite music genres are indie and pop.
– Two songs he listens to often are RIO‘s ‘Heavy Heart‘ & ‘Sweetbitter‘.
– His favorite songs are LeeHi‘s ‘한숨 (BREATHE)‘ and SHINee‘s Jonghyun‘s ‘하루의 끝 (End of a day)‘.
– His biggest interest lately is cooking (2024).
– JUNGBIN likes to eat delicious food.
– His favorite food all kinds of meat, sashimi, seafood, etc.
– He doesn’t like cucumber dishes.
– His favorite snacks are Greek yogurt and cream bread.
– His favorite fruits are apples and green grapes.
– He is good at cooking, especially braised spicy chiken, kimchi stew, pasta, chili shirmp, etc.
– His favorite item these days (January 2024) is his smart watch.
– Skydiving is something he has on his bucket list.
– He feels the happiest when all of the POW members feel and are happy.
– Something that brings him happiness is exercising.
– His stress relief is exercising.
– On a daily basis he workouts, some push-ups or even chin-ups.
– Between texting and talking on the phone, he picks the latter.
– JUNGBIN has stated that he’s the coolest when he’s singing or when he’s playing sports that he’s good at.
– He recommends to go to a cafe to drink some coffee during a holiday.
JUNGBIN cries the most of all the members (according to DONGYEON).
– If he had to choose a member to go to an island with, he picks HYUNBIN.
– If he were to be stranded on an island and had to only bring 3 things, he picks a fire stick, a sharp knife, and flares.
– The first thing JUNGBIN does when he wakes up is to turn off the alarm and then work out.
– He sets an alarm and check his schedule for the next day before he goes to sleep.
– JUNGBIN finds getting up, turning off the alarm, and setting the alarm before going to sleep is the most annoying thing about his daily routine.
– He watched a movie at the dorm on Christmas (2024) which is one of his happy things that happened recently.
– A memorable trip was when he went to Busan in high school.
– A song he recommends is ‘Best Part‘ by Daniel Caesar (ft.H.E.R.).
– JUNGBIN has a positive energy.
– He is a very talkative person, if he could he would stay up all night talking to someone.
– His favorite word is positive.
– His voice gets louder when he’s angry.
– Something he tells the members a lot is, “Gather around.”
– A sentence he says often is, “갑시다 (Let’s go).”
– A Korean sentence he wants to teach his foregin fans is “보고 싶어 (I miss you).“
– A specialty of his is Taekwondo.
– His childhood dream was to become a musicial actor, musician, actor, or a Taekwondo player.
– He always carries his phone, wallet, and headset around with him.
– His phone wallpaper is a smiling emoticon.
– According to DONGYEON, JUNGBIN is very good at singing.
– His first impressions of POW: YORCH & HYUNBIN – Handsome, DONGYEON – A shy person, and HONG – A baby.
– Something all of the members have in common is watching Netflix.
– Some of the countries he wants to visit are Switzerland, Canada, and USA.
– He wants to go to an amusement park that HONG wanted to go to with the members.
– A memorable trip was when all of the members went to Jeonju and glamped.
– He wants to do fan meetings as well as their own contents with fans.
– To him, fans are the driving force of his life.
– In 10 years, he sees himself as a wonderful artist who have became someone’s role model.

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NOTE 2: JUNGBIN’s leader position was confirmed by YORCH (10/8-23).

NOTE 3: His MBTI type was confirmed on his self-written profiles on the official Instagram. Jungbin‘s MBTI has changed from ENFJ to ESFJ.

NOTE 4: All of their positions have been disclosed properly. We first went by by what Dongyeon mentioned in his self-written profile, it’s safe to say that the members are either dancers or vocalist, or even both (Dongyeon said that there’s no rapper positions). On January 24, 2024, all of the members’ positions was confirmed on POW’s Official Community.

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