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“Juliet” (AleXa) Album Info

“Juliet” (AleXa) Album Info

Juliet is the sixth digital single by AleXa. It was released on June 9, 2023. It features the song, an instrumental and six other versions of the song.

Artist: AleXa
Released: June 9, 2023
Type: Digital Single
Recorded: 2023
Length: 27:23
Genre: Indie Alternative, Dance, Electronica, City Pop, Retro
Label: ZB Label
Distributor: Warner Music
Writers: AleXa, Ale Zabala (Spanish Ver.)
Composers: WD, AleXa, Lotus Flow, Shawn Halim, Boran
Arrangers: WD, AleXa, Lotus Flow, Shawn Halim, Boran, J-Path (Tracks 3-7), Lee Joo-yong @RBW (Track 8)
Producers: Kim Junhong, Hong Wonki @ZANYBROS

1. Juliet – 3:43
2. Juliet (Instrumental) – 3:43
3. Juliet (Spanish Version) – 3:24
4. Juliet (Retro Electric Mix) – 3:38
5. Juliet (Disco Mix) – 3:20
6. Juliet (City Pop Mix) – 3:48
7. Juliet (Drumline Trap Mix) – 2:59
8. Juliet (Sped Up Version) – 2:48

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