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juhye Profile

juhye Profile and Facts:

juhye is an Independent Artist, Songwriter, and Producer who made her debut in 2020.

Stage Name: juhye
Birth Name: Mun Ju Hye / 문주혜
Birthday: August 29, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram: juhye.m
YouTube: juhye
SoundCloud: juhyemoon
TikTok: juhyemusic
FaceBook: juhyemusic

juhye Facts:
– Her MBTI is ENFP.
– She’s from California. She’s based in Boston, USA.
juhye have been releasing songs on her SC since March 2016.
– She made her debut with the single, ‘Rewind‘ featuring Ethan Fields on 31st July, 2020.
juhye has always been interested in singing even as a toddler.
– When she was 8 years old, she took up classical violin, and is still playing to this day.
– She plays violin in orchestra, she also sometimes work in musical theaters.
juhye first began writing lyrics for a song in 4th grade when she was bored on a camping roadtrip.
– In the 7th grade when she was teaching herself guitar, she started to write and record more.
juhye wants to travel more.
– During her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, and watching TikToks in bed.
– She tends to be a more anxious person when it comes to planning, and her future.
– She is trying to take more risks, and also live in the moment / have fun in the present.
– Her emotional outlet has always been writing songs.
– In Summer 2020 is when juhye began to take recording, and even producing more on a serious note.
– She has stated that she’s very grateful for her friends and other people that have shown a lot of support for her music career.
– The photoshoots is the most fun part about being an artist, she also enjoys writing the music itself.
– She has gotten more into fashion, and she has even been directing photoshoots for a few years now.
juhye aslo enjoys being able to combine different mediums of art to give context to her lyrics.
– She finds inspirations from her own life, most of the time, other times it’s her own imagination.
– She sometimes even get inspiration from her friends’ lives, or even from shows she has watched.
juhye can also make up scenarios that she haven’t had any experience in prior, but that she shares similar emotions with.
– It’s easy to write lyrics for her when she’s crying then the lyrics just seems to flow out of her.
– For her, finding balance in maintaining school, work, and making music is the hardest part about being an artist.
juhye would love to be able to create music whenever she wants, and how she wants it done without having to worry about finances, time, or other things.
– Her dreams in music is to collaborate with other artists she admires, for her music to reach an large audience, and resonate with people.
– Something she wants to always live with is memory and gratitude; she write down things she did everyday, and find little moments that she feels grateful for.
– Later in life she hopes to be in a cool city surrounded by lots of friends, and of course delicious food, and going to cute tea shops.
– In 5-10 years, she hopes that she’ll continue with music.

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