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Joy-On Profile and Facts

Joy-On Profile and Facts

Joy-On (조이 온) is a South Korean singer and actress. She made her solo debut on January 8, 2021 with the single “22“.
Stage Name: Joy-On (조이 온) (formerly JUJU (주주) / Jo Yuju (조유주) / Yuju(유주))
Birth name: Jo Yu Ju (조유주)
Birthday: August 1, 2000
Zodiac sign: Leo
Chinese zodiac sign: Dragon
Height: 158 cm (5’2.2)
Blood Type: A
Instagram: @Joy_.On
Youtube: JOY_ON 온
Spotify: JuJuJo Yu Ju
Naver Blog: Juju_0081

Joy On facts:
– She was part of the pre-debut line up for AngelRus but seems to have left before more was released about the group.
– She used to have an Instagram named juju_0081 but it seems to have been deleted.
– She opened a new Instagram with the name Sophie, whether it’s a new stage name or not isn’t known.
– On her Instagram profile she called herself the CEO of fillip_official not much is known about said agency, they do have a YouTube channel for a duo called TiMiR (TiMiR).
– She appears in most of the videos with TiMiR..
– She debuted with her single “22” in 2021.
– When she had an Instagram profile, she posted a lot with her bunny.
– Her Youtube description says Actor/Artist/Writer, she’s featured in a drama called “Joe’s Family“.
– She studied a master at Kyungin Women’s college (Department of Music).
– One of her recent interests is art.
– The first she does in the morning is check the time on her phone.
– She’s a fan of Cheetah.
– Lee Yoon-Mi is her favorite actress.
– A song she listens to a lot is sokodomo‘s merry-go-round.
– She likes the song good days by Keshi.
– Her favourite movie is “adults don’t know”.
– Her nextflix recomendation is “the last witch Mildredx”.
– Her favourite foods are Namul side dish, rice and seaweed.
– She doesn’t like spoiled food.
– Her ideal type is someone she likes.
– To get to know her it’d be a perk to be cool.
-Sshe has troubles with mental health and has tried suicide multiple times.
– She prefers someone younger or older than her over someone her age.
– Her goal/dream is to be an artist who leaves records while making each of her works.
– The last thing she does before she goes to bed is brush her teeth.
– She’s an INTP.
– She has a habit of blowing wind on her thumb.
– She blames herself a lot.
– She likes to lie down.
– One of her specialties is to laugh.
– Her favourite season is summer.
– The time of day she’s most active is at dinner time.
– Her favorite colours are: orange, red, pink, and yellow.
– Her favorite fruit is vegetable.
– She’s never dated.
– Her tip for when you can’t sleep: take medicine.
– Her favourite ramen is samyang ramen.
– Usually she takes 1-2 days to reply messages.
– She always eat breakfast.
– She likes mint chocolate.
– When she isn’t working she prefers phone calls but when she’s in her thoughts she prefer texting.
– She relieves stress by eating patbingsu, imagine her future, put on make up, walk around alone without thinking.
– The most expensive thing she has is her house.
– The oldest thing she has is her body.
– The prettiest thing she has is her smile.
– The stupidest thing she has is her stupidity.
– Her favorite animal is hamsters.
– She doesn’t like very dark green.
– Her family consist of her, her dad, her mom, and her younger sibling.
– Her shoe size is 230-240.
– She wants to be married in 2037, when she’s 38.
– Sunflowers are her favorite flowers.
– The most painful she’s went though is when someone she loved betrayed her and went around swearing at her.
– If she could talk to her younger self she’d say “run away. not there. come out”.
– When she was younger she danced to the gimbap song on sports day.
– She rememberes going to the supermarket with her grandma.
– When she was younger she played with her grandma.
– She was scared when her mom gave birth to her younger sibling.
– She got jealous of her younger sibling when they were born.
– She had to have ankle surgery when she was younger.
– She was bullied in school.
– If she had a million won she’d give it to her mom.
– She bruises easily.
– She’s good at daydreaming.
– She can’t lie.
– She once had a dream that connected with her friend, which freaked her out.
– She’s atheist.
– She wants to die before she turns 31.
– The word she likes the most is cute.
– She want to visit Japan.
– If she was stranded on a deserted island she’d take a lighter, knife, and blanket with her.
– If she had to choose a super power she’d chose mind reading.
– On her official youtube she follows Minimani and their entertainments offical channels.

– Joy-On life motto: Live by doing what you want to do

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