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Isiliel/Tsukishiro Himari (NECRONOMIDOL) Profile and Facts

Isiliel/Tsukishiro Himari (NECRONOMIDOL) Profile and Facts

Tsukishiro Himari, also known as Isiliel, is a Japanese idol. She is a member of NECRONOMIDOL and a former member of Bakuon Dolls Syndrome.

Stage Name: Isiliel (Solo Activities)
Birth Name: Tsukishiro Himari (月城ひまり)
Birthday: March 21
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Chiba, Japan
Blood Type: AB
Height: 169.8 cm
Website: isiliel.com
Twitter: himari_tsuki / Isilliel_jp
Instagram: himari_tsuki / isiliel_jp
TikTok: himari_tsuki
Tumblr: tsukishiro-himari
Blog: himari_tsuki
Bandcamp: isiliel.bandcamp.com

Isiliel Facts:
– She released her solo debut digital single “Seizon Senryaku” on April 21, 2022.
– She was a member of Bakuon Dolls Syndrome from 2013-2016.
– She joined NECRONOMIDOL on January 5, 2017.
– Her hobbies are watching anime, reading, travelling alone, eating and spending time with her little sister.
– Her special skills are calligraphy and playing the flute.
– She released her first full album “Gekkou Souseiki” on April 28, 2023.
– Her nickname is Hima (ひま).
– Her favourite anime is Cardcaptor Sakura, and her favourite character is Tomoyo.
– She also likes Mawaru PenguindrumGuilty Crown and Nichijou.
– Her stage name Isiliel means “daughter of the moon” in Quenya, a fictional elvish language from J.R.R. Tolkien‘s novels.
– Her favourite mangakas are CLAMPFukuyama RyoukoHozumiKitoh Mohiro and Asano Inio.
– Her introduction in English is: “I’m Himari Tsukishiro. I love Japanese animation.”
– Her introduction in Japanese is: “霊魂消滅しましょうか。二次元に生きる、月城ひまりです。”, meaning “Let’s annihilate! I’m Tsukishiro Himari, who lives in 2D.”
– She loves the character Miffy, a fictional rabbit who appears in many picture books written by Dick Bruna.
– She is friends with Shibakuzo Rei-chan of Knuckle Chiwawa, and formerly of BURST GIRL.
– She is an actress, and has starred in the stage play The Makai since 2020. She plays the character Persephone.
– She wanted to become a magical girl when she was young.
– She released two solo photobooks called “Dear Moonlight” and “Dear Selene”. The two include long essays, as she likes writing.
– Her trademark is her very long black hair, which reaches down to her waist.
– She loves anime and manga, and can often be seen attending events.
– She likes the Black Metal bands Emperor and Bathory.
– She also likes Rammstein, UNISON SQUARE GARDENSakamoto MaayaKinoko Hotel and Ningen Chair.
– She is very popular overseas, and provides information in English. She also recently went on tour in the US, and appeared at events such as Northwest IdolFest, where many kaigai idols such as Phoebe, PAiDA and Non Sweet appeared.
– She has also performed in countries such as Italy, France, England, the Netherlands, Sweden and Germany. She will perform in Taiwan for the first time in 2024.

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