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Interview With QI.X

Interview With QI.X

We talked with QI.X, openly queer idols. They talked about future plans, their musical inspirations and more on the way their new release! [Date: March 20, 2023]

What has been the biggest challenge in preparing for a release?
As an indie musician we have to prepare every single thing one by one on our own. We don’t have a lot of resources in terms of time and funding so that was challenging for us. And we were worried our speed of work was too slow. Because so many folks on the internet were asking us where our song was and that made us a little bit anxious. But when we put out our statement on our social media, everyone was telling us it’s ok to take our time and go at our own speed. That makes QTZ the number one fans in the entire Kpop industry. We were really touched… Otherwise Jigook is still adjusting his voice while taking T and worried about control of his voice. But we think Jigook has a beautiful voice so all we needed to do was encourage him! Show it to the world Jigook!

Do you feel like being openly queer affected your chances to be signed by a big label as an emerging artist?
We can’t say 100% for sure, but we definitely can’t say we could sign a contract that would want us to hide our gender and sexual identities. Because us being queer is something we can’t hide or change. For all of us becoming a singer or idol was a big dream and it was sad that we might not be able to make it because of who we are. But our dreams have expanded when we met as QI.X. Our fandom name QTZ is because our fans are so cute but also lots of them are Queer and Trans. We’re so grateful for our meeting. So NO! We can dream about the future that we make together because we’re queer.

What impact on other young people do you think your coming out has had? What do you say to your young LGBTQ+ fans who want to come out?
First of all, you should be able to choose your time for your coming out. It should be absolutely on your own terms and time. We got a couple of messages from our fans about how they should come out to their family, or they can’t come out to their family because of safety issues. What we want to say is your safety is the most IMPORTANT. Being queer, trans, and gender non conforming is not wrong but in some cultures and some societies there isn’t enough support or acceptance for people like us. No matter what, though, QI.X supports you, and you’re not alone. You are the most precious person to us and you have to hear this from us today!

Who are your top 3 musical inspirations?
Prin: These days I like to listen to Stray Kids, P1Harmony. I also like to take a walk, and shower to refresh and release tension.
Maek: Love and anger. Those strong emotions inspire me to be creative. And when I watch a good performance or listen to a good song I have a strong desire to be like them.
Jigook: Obsession and love, if I give keywords. Otherwise I would like to say my emotions and experiences. Complications of emotions through various experiences in life.

What is your biggest dream both as a person and as an idol?
Maek: As QI.X we want to tour the world to meet all the QTZ all around the world. And as a person I want to maintain my health.
Prin: I want to enjoy and have fun everyday.
Jigook: I want to build a shelter for trans and gender queer folks. So that everyone who needs support, help and a place to live can come and get the help they need. Of course there will be rooms for take care of cats, too.

Do you have any plans to release new vocal or dance covers?
Prin: I started Prin’s Queer Kpop project on our social media. I will cover songs that gave my queer soul comfort and would like to share it with our fans.
Maek: Yeah, I would love to. “Spider” by Hoshi from SEVENTEEN.
Jigook: Yes, I would like to upload some of my favorite songs. But I want to share more of my original songs.

If there’s one thing you want to be remembered for, say in 30 years or so, what would it be?
Prin: That I was queer idol. And I want to remember so much love from QTZ!
Maek: So many things! Our time as QI.X and the precious time we shared together with QTZ and are still sharing (QI.X QTZ Forever!!)
Jigook: That despite all the hardships and struggles, I still fought, resisted, did not conform, and kept on loving.

Lastly, can you leave a special message for Kprofiles readers?
Prin: Without Kprofiles I don’t think we can meet so many QTZ today. So, thank you so much, Kprofiles. Please keep your eyes on us. We will soon be everywhere!
Jigook: Thank you Kprofiles for having us. Be yourself! Rooting for you, beautiful creatures! (PS: I don’t live in Jeju XD) [Staff note: I fixed it hahaha! Thanks for the correction]
Maek: Thanks for having us Kprofiles. We will try our best to show more of ourselves.

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