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Interview with InternetsNathan

We recently had a chance to talk with Youtuber InternetsNathan, who is known for his informative and engaging Kpop videos. We interviewed him about his Youtube channel, future goals and inspiration. If you haven’t seen their content before, you can see their Youtube here, Instagram here and Twitter here.

Who are your favourite non K-pop artists?
To be very honest, I almost listen exclusively Kpop. The only moment I’m not listening to Kpop is when I’m working out or sleeping. I need help…

What is your most “unpopular K-pop opinion”
Hmm this is a tough question… I don’t think this is a totally unpopular Kpop opinion but Kpop’s sound is changing when groups trying to make a presence in America/worldwide to appeal to that audience. And because of that those Kpop songs lose what made Kpop so different in the first place. Also let’s be honest, those songs ALMOST all the time are not that good.

How do you find inspiration for your videos and what motivates you to continue to create content?
It’s getting deep now. Well, inspiration mainly comes from the news, trends, and watching a bunch of K-content/YouTube. And what motivates me to continue to make videos? Mainly it is to be create for the sake of being creative. Trying new edits in every new video or working on new projects that will help me continue to evolve as a content creator.

What inspired you to create your channel?
I’ve grew up always watching YouTubers. So, maybe subconsciously I was preparing myself to become a YouTuber. But I started to take making videos regularly when I saw other YouTubers making reaction videos to Kpop and I was like, “Wait. If they can do it, I can do it…” So I did. I made reaction videos to Kpop and got into Kpop at the same time. Then after years of reactions I transitioned to the content I am making now. More commentary and teaching others about Kpop and the history of Kpop.

You’re channel is known for it’s informative, long-form videos. How long does it take to research and create a video?
Oh boy! So, it kind of depends on the video but typically from research to writing to recording to editing to upload. It is a process that can take 4-6 days to make one in depth video. I know it may seem like a long time because well it is. I am a one man show here and I actually need help so if there is a video editor out there reading this hit me up!

What is the hardest part of being a Youtuber
You would think it’s the hate or toxic comments but actually that’s pretty chill. For me it’s keeping up with Kpop and maintaining consistent content. I get bored easily so I need to refresh my videos a little bit every time to keep it interesting for myself and my audience.

Do you have any plans for the future regarding your channel?
It’s funny you should ask! I want to branch out my content so I can become more of a personality. So I plan on streaming more on my channel, creating new series, and starting new projects… Maybe a podcast/channel with other Kpop content creators coming in 2023 that you should definitely follow me to know when it’s official maybe..? But you didn’t hear that from me.

Do you have a message for your fans?
To all my Koreaboo’s (the nickname I gave my viewers) out there! Thank you for subscribing, liking, sharing, commenting, and sticking with me and my channel! I appreciate all the support and hope you all will continue to be there in the future when I got so much exciting things planned! See you all there at the top baby

Thank you to InternetsNathan for completing the interview with us! It was a pleasure to be able to work with you :).
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