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“Iiwake Maybe” (BNK48) Album Info

“Iiwake Maybe” (BNK48) Album Info
Iiwake Maybe is the 13th single album by BNK48. It was released on April 24, 2023. The tracks Shoujotachi yo and Iiwake Maybe were pre-released on February 4 and February 27, 2023, respectively.

Artist: BNK48
Released: April 24, 2023
Type: Single
Recorded: 2023
Length: 26:23
Genre: T-Pop
Label: iAM
Distributor: iAM

1. Iiwake Maybe – 4:08
2. Shoujotachi yo (วันใหม่) – 4:30
3. เสียงของใบไม้ – 4:33
4. Iiwake Maybe (Off vocal ver.) – 4:08
5. Shoujotachi yo (Off vocal ver.) – 4:30
6. เสียงของใบไม้ (Off vocal ver.) – 4:33

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