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I-LANDER Final Love Song (I-LAND2) Members Profile

I-LANDER Final Love Song (I-LAND2) Members Profile

I-LANDER was a temporary group formed for I-LAND2 : N/a‘s Signal Song test. The team consisted of FukoMai, Bang Jeemin, Yoon Jiyoon, Son JuwonKim SujungKokoRyu SarangChoi JungeunYuiJeong Saebi and Kim Gyuri. They performed the show’s theme song ’Final Love Song’. The group ended up with an average score of 84 and members Fuko, Yoon Jiyoon and Kim Gyuri were sent to the GROUND.

I-LANDER Team Members Profile:
Choi Jungeun

Birth Name: Choi Jung Eun (최정은)
English Name: Bella Choi
Birth Date: August 4, 2007
Position: Leader, Main Vocal
Nationality: Korean
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Stage Name: Fuko (楓子 / 후코)
Birth Name: Hayashi Fuko (林 楓子 / 하야시 후코)
Birth Date: August 22, 2004
Position: Part 4
Nationality: Japanese
Score: 75
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Stage Name: Mai (まい / 마이)
Birth Name: Tomioka Mai (冨岡まい)
Birth Date: October 28, 2004
Position: Part 12
Nationality: Japanese
Score: 90
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Bang Jeemin

Birth Name: Bang Jee Min (방지민)
Birth Date: May 8, 2005
Position: Part 8
Nationality: Korean
Score: 93
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Yoon Jiyoon

Birth Name: Yoon Ji Yoon (윤지윤)
Birth Date: July 14, 2005
Position: Part 11
Nationality: Korean
Score: 88
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Son Juwon

Birth Name: Son Ju Won (손주원)
Birth Date: September 16, 2006
Position: Center
Nationality: Korean
Score: 92
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Kim Sujung

Birth Name: Kim Su Jung (김수정)
Birth Date: October 5, 2006
Position: Main Dancer
Nationality: Korean
Score: 80
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Stage Name:
 Koko (ここ)
Birth Name: Narai Koko (奈良井ここ)
Birth Date: November 14, 2006
Position: Part 9
Nationality: Japanese
Score: 86

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Ryu Sarang

Birth Name: Ryu Sa Rang (유사랑)
Birth Date: April 18, 2007
Position: Part 7
Nationality: Korean
Score: 83
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Stage Name: Yui (由衣 / 유이)
Birth Name: Hamaue Yui (浜上由衣)
Birth Date: September 15, 2007
Position: Part 6
Nationality: Japanese
Score: 75
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Jeong Saebi

Birth Name: Jeong Sae Bi (정세비)
Birth Date: January 22, 2008
Position: Part 10
Nationality: Korean
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Kim Gyuri

Birth Name: Kim Gyu Ri (김규리)
Birth Date: September 15, 2008
Position: Part 5
Nationality: Korean
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