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Hina (Now United) Profile & Facts

Hina Yoshihara Profile: Hina Yoshihara Facts and Ideal Type

Hina Yoshihara (ヒナヨシハラ) is a Japanese dancer, performer, and member of Now United.

Stage Name: Hina
Birth Name: Hina Yoshihara (ヒナヨシハラ)
Position: Lead Dancer
Birthday: October 12, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Nationality: Japanese
Blood Type: O
Height: 160 cm (5’3″)
Shoe Size: 23.5 cm
Instagram: @hina_yshr
Twitter: @hinayoshihara
TikTok: @hina_yshr
YouTube: Hina Yoshihara

Hina Yoshihara Facts:
– Born in Niiza, Saitama, Japan.
– She lives in Ibaraki, Japan.
– She started Now United activities on November 13, 2017.
– She has two younger siblings. A sister and brother.
– Her hobby is dancing.
– Her special skill is a backflip.
– She dislikes eating tomatoes.
– Her favorite foods are steak, grape, and strawberry.
– People around her say she’s pretty noisy.
– An animal she would compare herself to is a rabbit.
– She prefers dogs over cats.
– Her favorite drink is matcha latte but she also likes strawberry milk.
– Her least favorite drink is tomato juice.
– She doesn’t know the origin of her name.
– She cannot pink a one favorite artist as there is too many.
– She’s a vary positive person.
– Her favorite color is pink and least favorite color is something like yellowish brown.
– Her favorite season is spring and least favorite winter.
– She’s good at cooking curry.
– First thing she does when waking up is brushing her teeth.
– She goes to sleep at 12A.M and wakes up at 10A.M.
– Her favorite sport is 50 meters run and least favorite ball games.
– Her favorite songs are all by Victoria Monet.
– Her favorite tv show is Music Station.
– Her favorite Netflix show is “Stranger Things”.
– Lately she’s into self-improvment.
– Her favorite apparel brand is Golf Wang.
– She doesn’t use contact lenses.
– She has 3 piercings in total as of May 2020.
– She’s not into feminine guys.
– She finds a person who is always true to their values very attractive.
– She dislikes girls that say nasty things.
– She has a smell fetish.
– She picks looks over personality.
– She picks being loved instead of loving someone.
– She believes there can be a friendship between men and women.
– She wants to get married at 26 years old.
– Her tip to have a successful relationship is not to lie.
– She feels happy when eating something delicious and before going to bed.
– The movie that made her cry is “The 8-Year Engagement”, also “Beauty and The Beast”.
– Her favorite word is “positive”.
– Her favorite dialect is Kansai-ben.
– If she could bring one thing to deserted island it would be a camping car.
– It gives her butterflies when a guy wears a necklace.
– She picks a beach over mountains.
– Her 2020 resolution is to have more interactions with her Japanese fans.
– She spends her weekends shopping alone.
– If she had a time maschine she would go back to middle school years.
– Her favorite convenience store is Family Market. Her favorite thing from there is matcha latte and chicken skin skewer with sauce.
– Her secret when buying things is “if you wonder, don’t buy it”.
– If she were to star a new hobby it’d be playing guitar.
– Her dream for the future is to have a tour in Japan and perform on Music Station.
– A country she’d like to visit is Malaysia.
– She’d like to live overseas in the future and come back to Japan for New Years.
– Perfume she uses is Chanel Pink One.
– She relives stress by yelling in a pillow.
– She never took acting lessons.
– Out of Now United boys she’d pick Noah to be her boyfriend “but for sure it won’t happen”.
– She reads her DMs and comments from fans.
– Her biggest dream is to charm people all over the world through her dancing.
– When she was 7 years old, she first danced in public as a cheerleader.
– Dancing helps her forget when something bad happens.
–  She’s dating rapper/singer $HOR1.
– She felt happiness, surprise, and insecurity all at once when she was chosen to represent Japan through the audition for Now United.
– She’s really proud to be able to represent Japan in Now United.
– She hopes her dad will be impressed and moved by watching her perform with Now United.
– Since she cannot speak English, there’s always a language barrier, making it difficult to communicate, but she was able to communicate through dance. Hina: “The power of dance is amazing.”
– Her favorite part about Now United is that she can now cross borders just through dance and music.
– Her ideal marriage is having kids, and living in a nice house.
Hina Yoshihara’s Ideal Type: Very manly guys with a good taste, short hair.

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