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“Harmony from Discord” (QWER) Album Info

“Harmony from Discord” (QWER) Album Info

Harmony from Discord
is the Debut and first Single album released by QWER. It was released on October 18th, 2023. The Album consists of 4 tracks, the title track being “Discord”.

Artist: QWER
Released: October 18, 2023
Type: Single
Label: Tamago Production
Length: 11:45
Genre: Pop
Producer: Lee Dong-Hyuk.
Writers: Lee Dong-Hyuk, Kim Hyejeong, GESTURE, Elum, Hong Hun-Gi, Kim Seung Jun, Hong Ji-Hye.
Composers: Lee Dong Hyuk, Elum, GESTURE, Hong Ji Hye, Siyeon.
Arrangers: Lee Dong-Hyuk, Han Ayeong, BuildingOwner.

1. Harmony of Stars (별의 하모니)
2. Discord (디스코드)
3. Secret Diary (수수께끼 다이어리)
4. Discord – Instrumental

– “Harmony from Discord” Teasers: Chodan, Magenta,  Hina,  Siyeon
“Harmony from Discord” Highlight Medley
“Harmony of Stars” Special Clip
“Discord” MV Teaser
“Discord” MV
“Discord” MV Behing the scene
“Harmony from Discord” Showcase
– Showcase performances: Harmony of Stars, Discord
– Official Audios: Harmony of Stars, Discord, Secret Diary, Discord – Instrumental

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