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“Fly high (Thumbelina)” (Girl’s World) Album Info

“Fly high (Thumbelina)” (Girl’s World) Album Info

Fly high (Thumbelina) is the second single released by Girl’s World. It was released on October 2nd, 2023.

Artist: Girl’s World (WINDY, KYRIN, A-RA, HARI)
Released: October 2, 2023
Type: Single
Label: Liz Entertainment
Recorded at: Liz Entertainment
Length: 3:10
Genre: Pop
Producers: Lee Hyun Soo, Insun Kwon.
Writers: YangJaedong writers, Jaira Song.
Composers: YangJaedong writers.
Arrangers: YangJaedong writers.

Bass: Lee Hyun Soo
Piano: Lee Hyun Soo , Laeun (Chic Angel)

1. Fly high (Thumbelina)

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