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hanuel Profile

hanuel Profile and Facts:

hanuel is an South Korean Singer, Songwriter, and Producer.

Stage Name: hanuel
Birth Name: N/A
Birthday: April 19th, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 180 cm (5’11)
Weight: 80 kg (176 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Nationality: Korean
YouTube: hanuel
Instagram: nayahanuel

hanuel Facts:
– His MBTI is ISFP.
– Born in South Korea, and raised in Vancouver, Canada.
– Favorite Color: Sky Blue.
– hanuel’s favorite number is 11.
– His favorite song of his own is ‘SEE U‘.
– hanuel’s favorite song of Keshi is ‘UNDERSTAND‘.
– He enjoys going for walks, and meet up with his friends for a drive.
– Influencers: Keshi, Jay Park, Daniel Caesar, and Jimmy Brown.
– His favorite Korean artist is Jay Park, and his favorite KPOP group is BIGBANG; he grew up listening to them.
– An artist he looks up to is Keshi, hanuel had a hard time figuring out himself as an artist and he was insecure about his voice.
– Thanks to Keshi‘s music, hanuel was able to get the confidence he needed to get started on his own music.
– hanuel would love to collaborate with Keshi, in the near future.
– He grew up in a church so he was always surrounded by music, and eventually began playing instruments.
– He first began to learn how to play the guitar, then moved to drums and keys.
– Singing is what he finds the most unique about music, how he is able to create emotions and express himself without directly saying it.
– The fact that he’s able to showcase a story in ways that others can relate to, and even interpret it in the way they wish has always been fasincating to him.
– The personal vulunerability is the hardest parts about being an artist, for him it feels that he’s letting go of a certain situation when he’s writing something that’s intimate to him.
– It is also very draining emotionally wise, and coping with it can sometimes be very difficult.
– When he’s writing songs he thinks of a place then a certain person or a certain something might come up.
– Lyrics is something he finds the most important when it comes to songwriting, his friends gives him the most inspirations; he’s able to learn and understand new emotions through their experiences.
– His dream is to go on his own tour. After he was the opening act for JUNNY, the feeling of excitement was something he knew that he wanted to feel again.
– In 5-10 years, he hopes that he has toured, and do music full time. He’s willing to work as much as he needs to make it happen.

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