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Han Yuseop (Boys Planet/MATE MAKE 1) Profile

Han Yuseop Profile and Facts:
Han Yuseop
Han Yuseop (한유섭)
is an independent trainee participating in KBS2’s upcoming boy group survival show MAKE MATE 1. He is best known for being a contestant on MNET’s 2023 survival show BOYS PLANET when he was a trainee under Jellyfish Entertainment.

Birth Name: Han Yu-seop (한유섭)
Birthday: May 6, 2004
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 173 cm (5’8″)
Nationality: Korean

Han Yuseop Facts:
– He used to be part of Jellyfish Entertainment’s male trainee group Jelly-i who participated in Boys Planet consisting of Park Hyunbeen, Jang Yeojun and ZEROBASEONE member Park Gunwook. He left the company sometime in late 2023/early 2024
– He can play the guitar and used to be the guitar player in a band
– He graduated from Garak High School in Seoul in 2023
– He was revealed as a contestant on  MAKE MATE 1 on March 28, 2024

Boys Planet (2023)
– Motto:
I will quench your thirst with my refreshing dance and songs!!
– Hobbies:
Guitar, composing, attack a melody, and take a walk
– Company:
Jellyfish Entertainment
– Training period:
1 year and 7 months
– Nickname:
– Targeted final rank:
– Languages I can speak:
 Korean, a bit of English
– My own specialty that no one else has:
– Body part I’m confident in:
– Favorite song:
Boyfriend by Justin Bieber
– Role model:
Justin Bieber, Song Minho, B.I
– On Boys Planet I am:
the number 1 in vocals
– Catchphrase:
Han Yuseop’s attack on K-pop!!
– What I want to show off on Boys Planet:
that I’m tough on the outside but soft on the inside
– Hashtags:
#guitar #eardrumboyfriend #werewolf
– My charms expressed in one sentence:
“You could say my charm is the definition of ‘crispy on the outside and moist on the inside’.” (like fried food, meaning he looks tough but has a soft side)

– For the first evaluation he performed G.B.T.B. by VERIVERY with the other Jellyfish Entertainment trainees; he gave himself 4 stars and received 3 stars from the Masters.
– After the second evaluation he was placed in the 2 star tier.
– During the K vs G Group Battle mission he was part of the Kill This Love K team as sub vocal 1, but his team lost against G team and did not receive a benefit.
– He ended up getting eliminated during the first elimination in episode 5 with a final rank of 85.


MAKE MATE 1 (2024)
MBTI: ENTP/ESTP/INFP (*source: MAKEMATE1 Twitter post)
Representative Emoji:
Role Model: Taeyang

– Online Favorite Voting ranking: 11th (ep. 2) → 7th (ep. 4)
– In the First Stage he was part of Very Good team and ranked 26th in the contestant ranking after (ep. 3)
– In the 1 Artist Mission he was the leader of Again & Again team (2PM B team) and ranked 8th in the contestant ranking after (ep. 5)
– He ranked 11th in the first elimination (ep. 6)
– In the Change Mission he was part of Black Mamba team (girl group B team)

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