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GYU HYUK Profile and Facts

GYU HYUK Profile: GYU HYUK Facts and Ideal Type:

is an South Korean rapper under NEW PORT.

Rap Name: GYU HYUK / 규혁
Birth Name: Choi Gyuhyuk / 최규혁
Birthday: 16th of November, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Nationality: Korean
Twitter: Dsafwaf
Instagram: gyuhyk
Spotify: GYU HYUK
SoundCloud: gyuhyuk

– Education: Pohang Gyeongbuk Nursing High School.
– Former contestant on HSR4, he ended with 177 points during the first mission: Roll Call.
– During the Roll Call he rapped ‘SOUTH CITY‘ which was produced by ERLAX.
– He went up against Ji Hyeonmin on the Grade Cyper mission.
– Him and Hyeonmin rapped to the beat of ‘WAP‘ by Cardi B.
– Eliminated after the Grade Cyper mission, but still glad as he performed in front of artists whom he respects.
– These days he has been working on music and resting at home.
– One day he was laying down watching TV, before hitting his head.
– When he’s about to drop something, he changes his profile pic on IG.
– Favorite song these days is ‘왜요‘ by Bang Yedam of TREASURE.
– He has been seen listening to ‘BOY‘ by Charlie Puth.
Justin Bieber is one of his favorite artists.
– A dinner menu he recommends is Korean food.
– Rarely watches dramas since he barely has time for it.
– He wants to color his hair to black.
– Doesn’t have a dream car as he isn’t greedy about it.
– In Feb. of 2022, he joined NEW PORT with YUNG CHENS, Park Hyeonjin, KIMJUTO and CHORDA.
– In Dec. 2020, released his album ‘B-MILY‘.
– Released the EP album ‘Noize Blue‘ in May 2021.
– In Aug. of 2021, he released the album ‘20 Life‘.
– ‘PRIVATE NOTE‘ EP was released in Nov. of 2021.
– In early March of 2022, he released ‘Ride or Die‘.
– His newest EP album ‘BLURRY DREAM‘ was released on 6th April, 2022.
– His EP consists of six songs, featuring RIYUA, HARMS and Park Hyeonjin.
GYU HYUK’s Ideal Type: N/A

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Latest Album Release: Blurry Dream

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