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Gong Hoon Profile

Gong Hoon Profile and Facts:

Gong Hoon / 공훈
is an independent beat maker and rapper from South Korea.

Birth Name: Gong Hoon / 공훈
Birthday: 14th of August, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Korean
Instagram 1: gonghoon2
Instagram 2: gonghoon3
SoundCloud 1: gonghoon
SoundCloud 2: gonghoon2
YouTube 1: 공훈 gong hoon
YouTube 2: prod. Gong Hoon
WebSite: gong hoon

Gong Hoon Facts:
– Music is his life.
– His MBTI was ENFP.
– Born in the year of the Tiger.
– Went to a piano academy in 8th grade.
– Debuted on SoundCloud in 2019.
– He began doing music about 3 years ago, 2018.
– The language he can speak are Korean, English and Russian.
– He wants to bring love from Korea all the way to Mother Russia with his music.
– His favorite artist is Drippin so Pretty.
– Favorite song of Drippin so Pretty is ‘Going 90′.
– His favorite movie is every one by Quentin Tarantino.
– Has worked with artists SINCE, errday, RHODY, SIN MIDO, Layone and Basick.
– His top 3 autumn songs are Green Day‘s ‘Wake Me Up when September Ends’,Think of Me Tonight‘ by Lil Lotus and ‘시작‘ by 박기영.
– A hard working student who studied to his best abilites, but music was always just his hobby.
– He has two bass guitars which he can play.
– In Dec. of 2021, he released the album ‘Devil Inside, Angel Inside‘.
– Produced for yourbeagle‘s album, ‘Volume Up!‘ on the tracks;
take off‘, ‘day&night‘, ‘do re mi pa sol‘, ‘up‘.
– In April 2022, he produced for yourbeagle‘s ‘Paper Boat‘.

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