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GLX Members Profile

GLX Members Profile

GLX (short for Galaxy) is a upcoming global seven-member K-pop girl group under Shinwha Entertainment. The group currently consists of Kate, Zixer, GayeSumi, Sofy, and 2 other unrevealed members. They will debut in 2023.

GLX Official Accounts:
Instagram: @glx_officially

GLX Fandom Name:
GLX Official Colors:

Members Profile:

Stage Name: Sumi (수미)
Birth Name: Kayleen C Fernandez
Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Rapper
Birthday: January 25, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type:
MBTI Type:
Nationality: American
Facebook: @sumiofficial10
Instagram: @sumidances_
TikTok: @sumidances_
Twitter: @kayleenfernand7 (Inactive)
YouTube: @Sumi Dances

Sumi Facts:
– She’s from Racine, Wisconsin, United States.
– She’s Mexican.
– Sumi is a fan of EXO (since April 2012) and ATEEZ (since September 2020).
– She has 2 brothers (Neeko who was born in 1998, and Danny who was born in 1996) and 2 half sisters (Aaliyah who was born in 2016 and Trina)
– Sumi has a dog.
– She loves choreographing and dancing.
– Sumi auditioned for Plus Global Audition in 2019.
– Her hobbies are videography, photography, editing, modeling, fashion, acting, singing, and rapping.
– She was an ambassador for Belizza Desires.
– Sumi was on JTBC’s Stage K.
– She went to Washington Park High School.


Stage Name: Kate (케이트)
Birth Name: Ekaterina Popesko (Екатерина Попеско)
Position: Sub Vocalist, Dancer
Birthday: December 7, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 165 cm (5’4″)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type:
MBTI Type:
Nationality: Russian
Askfm: @katherinekote
Facebook: @Ekaterina Popesko
Instagram: @katherinekote (Main) / @arumdaun_you (Photography)
Telegram: @이케이트 Катч Kate
TikTok: @katherinekote
Twitch: @katyasha
Twitter: @katherinekote
VK: @kyasarin
Webpage: @Екатерина Попеско
YouTube: @EurAsia / @Екатерина Попеско (Inactive)

Kate Facts:
– Kate used to live in Tver, Tver Oblast, Russia, and she currently lives in Moscow, Russia.
– Shes a part of the SelFish Cover Dance Team, S(E)OUL EATER Dance Team, BDN Dance Team, JOINT_CDT Dance Team, PartyHard Dance Team, and GREAT MICHIN Dance Team.
– Kate is fan of SHINee, BTS, and TWICE, and shes a really big fan of Taemin.
– She participated in IDOLCON Kpop Festival 2022 where she won 2nd place along with her team.
– Kate is a theater actress, and she went to the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts.
– She used to cosplay a lot.
– Her favorite ice cream is pistachio.
– Kate speaks Russian and a bit of Korean.
– She’s a part of ArtCasta Production.
– Kate prefers DC than Marvel.
– What she’s afraid of is spiders.
– She attended Tver State University.
– If she could listen to one genre for the rest of her life, she would listen to classic music.
– She has a sister.
– Her favorite fruits are watermelon and kiwis.
– She knows how to play the piano a little bit.


Stage Name: Zixer (지서; also known as Zixer May Lay)
Birth Name: May Phyo Ei
Birthday: April 22, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: ~158-160 cm (5’2″)
Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)
Blood Type:
Nationality: Burmese
Facebook: @May Phyo Ei / @Zixer May Lay
Instagram: @zixer_may (Personal) / @zizi_dance_log (Dances)
Pinterest: @Zixer
TikTok: @zixer_may_lay
YouTube: @ZIXER / @Zixer May Lay

Zixer Facts:
– Zixer was born in Yangon, Myanmar.
– She’s a part of the DARK HOUSE dance team.
– Her favorite fruit is grapes.
– Zixer participated in the Love Korea 2019 Cover Dance Competition held by Duwun and won 2nd place with her team. She and her team also participated in the Changwon K-pop World Festival 2022 in Myanmar.
– Her crush is MONSTA X‘s I.M.
– She’s a self-taught dancer, and has been dancing since December 2016 because of K-pop videos.
– Zixer teaches at Dance Workshops Myanmar Dance Academy.
– Her nickname is Zizi.
– Zixer learnt Japanese from animes and Korean from variety shows & song lyrics.
– She attends the University of Medicine 2, Yangon, and she previously attended University of Medicine 1, Yangon.
– Her favorite meat is pork.
– Zixer is a huge fan of BTS and has been one since 2017. Her bias is Jungkook. She’s also a fan of BLACKPINK, where her bias is Lisa. Zixer is also a fan of TWICE and MONSTA X.
– Her favorite foods/drinks are steamed peanuts and sugar free bubble tea.
– She speaks Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, and Burmese.
– Her favorite K-pop girl group is ITZY.
– Zixer’s daily dancing routine is warming up at 6pm, learning the dance at 7pm, then preparing outfits, shooting the video at 11pm, and editing it at 2am.
– Her fandom name is “Zings”.
– Zixer’s favorite movie is Iron Man.


Stage Name: Gaye (가예)
Birth Name: Gaye Grace Zorlu Gizem Blackwood
Birthday: December 23, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type:
Nationality: German-Turkish
Facebook: @Gaye Grace Zorlu
Instagram: @_gayezorlu_
LOOKBOOK: @Gaye Grace Zorlu Grace
Prezi: @luna blackwood (Shared)
YouTube: @Gigagaye Z@Maya Gaye (Shared)

Gaye Facts:
–  She was born in Munich, Germany, and she currently lives in Seoul, South Korea.
– Gaye is fully Turkish.
– She speaks Turkish, German, English, and Korean.
– Gaye goes to Def Dance Skool.
– She was in Somi’s “What You Waiting For” music video, Wheein’s “water color” music video, TXT’s “Magic” music video, and AKMU’s “낙하 (NAKKA) (with IU)” and “BENCH (with Zion.T)” music video
– Gaye used to be a huge Justin Bieber and Big Time Rush fan.
– She has an older sister (born 1996) named Maya.
– Gaye went to Staatliche Realschule Vaterstetten, and currently goes to Sogang University in the Department of History and Ewha Womans University.
– She has an akita inu named Light.
– Gaye moved to South Korea sometime in 2017.
– She was part of a dance team called Moon Glade based in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea.
– Gaye is a fan of ENHYPEN, ASTRO, and Trainee A.


Stage Name: Sofy (소피)
Birth Name: Sofya Skovorodova (Софья Сковородова)
Position: Main Vocalist, Maknae
Birthday: October 4, 2003
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type:
MBTI Type:
Nationality: Russian
Instagram: @ssoffyyy_s
Spotify: @$OFY
VK: @justsofy
YouTube: @$OFY

Sofy Facts:
– Sofy is from Krasnodar, Russia
– She went to MEC Krasnodar, and currently attends Krasnodar College of Music N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov.
– Sofy goes to MOONSUN K-pop Dance Studio.
– She listens to aespa, BTS, STAYC, and ENHYPEN.
– Sofy speaks Russian and English.
– She released her first song called “Заветное желание” on July 30, 2019.
– Sofy plays the piano.

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