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[Poll] Who’s Your Favorite Girl Group Center? (New Era Edition)

Choosing a center has become more and more popular within K-pop groups. Of these new era girl group centers, which one is your favorite?

Momoland‘s Nancy

Favorite‘s Ahra

IZ*ONE‘s Wonyoung

IOI‘s Somi

Fromis_9‘s Jisun

Nature‘s Gaga

Oh My Girl‘s YooA

GWSN‘s Lena

April‘s Naeun

CLC‘s Seungyeon

Twice‘s Nayeon

Loona‘s Heejin

Gugudan‘s Hana

(G)-Idle‘s Soyeon

Uni.T‘s Euijin

Cherry Bullet‘s Jiwon

DIA‘s Chaeyeon

Itzy‘s Ryujin

Busters‘ Chaeyeon

Elris‘ Sohee

Pristin‘s Xiyeon

Weki Meki‘s Yoojung

Dreamnote‘s Sumin

Who is your favorite new era girl group center?

poll made by skycloudsocean

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  • Mel

    I think Jennie isn’t the center

  • Nayeon <3

  • jo yuri stan
  • Tsuyu

    Where is rv?

  • alma

    lmao jennie 😩✊🏼
    we love a lazy queen

  • Ivy So_16

    Jenny 4 sure

  • Ivy So_16

    Jennie 4 sure

  • Bárbara Oliveira

    Irene from red velvet!!!!!!!!

  • Facts.Bts

    Too bad that “lazy” 🙌🏻queen🙌🏻 is modeling for top brand like channel and being invited to major events and is currently modeling for dazed and ranked number 1 on individual band members for this month.😩✊🏼

  • Aloha Escarlan

    I can’t vote. Where’s Jennie? 😢 😥

  • Gooo G

    Got all Too Three!!!
    Jennie-BLACK PINK

  • ᴬᴸᴱˣᴬ

    Boi she isnt lazy!

  • seisgf

    I don’t think they have a permanent center, as far as I can tell it changes with each comeback.

  • Nameze

    Jennie is not the center. BP has no center

  • Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad

    Jennie – Blackpink
    Heejin – Loona

  • holp

    busters, i feel bad for not knowing them.

  • Yui

    I thought Blackpink didn’t have a center?

  • LOONA don’t have a center. They “change” their position according to the history of LOONAVERSE and BLACKPINK don’t have a center, the same story you know of leadership

  • seisgf

    Thanks to everyone who’s let me know that BlackPink doesn’t have a center. I’ll update the post to remove Jennie. Thanks for the help! -skycloudsocean

  • can you do one for boy groups? 🙂

  • Ahmed Sharif Mohammad Hamad

    Actually the positions that only changes are the Main Vocalist, Main Dancer, etc. The only positions that don’t change are Leader, Center and Visual

  • Yejin

    Ryujin x Heejin x Jiwon = Bias

  • Lee Seon Seok

    Twice + Itzy = Queens 👑👑👑

  • Lee Seon Seok

    Ryujin + Nayeon + Wonyoung + Heejin = My Bias!!! ❤❤

  • Lee Seon Seok

    Nayeon + Ryujin = 👑

  • MiYeon Kwon

    In WEKI MEKI center is Yoojung

  • KimFernanda

    I love Ryujin, Nayeon, Wonyoung and Nancy!!!

  • oh mahhhnnn

    damn it i can only vote 3 hmm…..

    nayeon heejin n ryujin then 🙂

  • Zhaine Clyde Huang

    thre’s no blackpink?

  • Sigrid

    Blackpink doesn’t have a center

  • Hanny

    i think yoojung is fotg but doyeon is center

  • Yasmine Sultan

    I voted for Ryujin, Nayeon and Wonyoung! 💕

  • Hard to choose between nayeon wonyoung somi ryujin and soyeon, but i ended up with nayeon wonyoung and somi lmao

  • alya wicaksono

    Where is red velvet and GFriend?

  • MintCooky

    No Red Velvet?

  • seisgf

    I couldn’t find a reliable source on who Gfriend’s center is, and as far as I can tell Red Velvet changes theirs every couple comebacks. -skycloudsocean

  • Nabi

    I think we all know that Yerin and SinB are both Gfriend’s center. I was just looking up a center distribution of Yerin and SinB, to me SinB is more the center of Gfriend, because she’s like almost 2 minutes more in the center of Gfriend’s dances than Yerin

  • Марти Парти

    and leader…

  • Vincent Leonardo

    I thought Yoojung is the center of Weki Meki, but I voted for Doyeon anyway because she’s one of my top 3 ultimate biases.
    The other two who get my vote are Ryujin and Nayeon.

  • ɴɪᴋɪᴛᴀ

    Isn’t Yoojung the center in Weki Meki??

  • ɴɪᴋɪᴛᴀ

    No Doyeon is the visual and Yoojung is the center. Look at their profile in Weki Meki

  • seisgf

    Thanks for everyone who’s corrected my mistake about Weki Meki’s center – it’s a little ambiguous but it is actually Yoojung. It’s been corrected as of 25.3.19. -skycloudsocean

  • Alessandra Sartori

    how is momoland new generation but not blackpink, red velvet, or gfriend; considering that momoland debuted in 2016.

  • Hailey W

    No one gonna point out how it says Ryujin but it’s A pic of Yuna?

  • Bex

    Nah, its really Ryujin. Yuna wears a different outfit.

  • akeelah wetty


  • T______T

    isn’t jiho the official center of oh my girl?

  • Tananjiah Bardini

    yes she is. Center and Face Of the Group

  • Tananjiah Bardini

    Doyeon is



    Know your facts before you come at someone XD

  • chlorineobsession

    Okay but where is Irene?

  • seisgf

    The three groups you named don’t have a consistent center. I originally did have Blackpink on the poll; however, I was informed that they do not actually have a formal center and removed it by request. Red Velvet and Gfriend change theirs pretty consistently, they don’t have a permanent one, so it makes no sense to put them here. -skycloudsocean

  • seisgf

    Could you guys send me a source on that? What I looked at said YooA, but it’s possible that I’m wrong – I’ll correct it if I am. -skycloudsocean

  • seisgf

    Red Velvet changes centers a lot, they don’t have a “center” in the way that other groups do. -skycloudsocean

  • Kim Lian-na

    Soyeon. 🙂

  • Kim Lian-na

    But where’s Jennie?

  • samira

    Er no they do have a fixed centre, it’s irene

  • rrroyalsss

    Just me who doesn’t like when groups has centers? I just think it’s better to switch center to the ones who fits it the most.
    (I know sometimes one center fits to be center most of the times but i don’t think having ibalance in between members are healthy for the group individually (does that make sense lol?)

  • Jaca Faca

    Uni.t’s Eunjin is here I am crying 🙁 i am happy that people didn’t forget about them..
    i voted for Eunjin,Nancy and Soyeon.

  • yenabread

    vote for our girl somi💗

  • Fer Real

    Redvelvet has a fixed center and that is Irene.

  • Fer Real

    Redvelvet doesn’t change their center every comeback. The fixed center is Irene

  • Fer Real

    But the center distribution for their music videos is not constant.

  • Hui Ern Eng

    Can I know who is the center of Dreamcatcher?

  • mary

    somi<heejin<yoojung= my fav.

    i like all of them too.

  • mary

    somi<yoojung<heejin=my favorites

  • mary

    somi xo

  • Wildagga

    I voted CLC’s Seungyeon, Uni.T’s Euijin (support Sonamoo!!!) and April’s Naeun
    They are charismatic, pretty and talented. I would like to vote YooA, Soyeon, Somi, Nayeon and Heejin too. Idk some of them and I think some others are too rookie but overall they are doing a great job.

  • Alice

    BP doesn’t have a center. Jennie never moves for some reason. But Jennie is not the center which brings up more questions about YGE

  • Miyo Chan!

    I voted for Nancy, Seungyeon and Sohee. I would like to vote YooA, Soyeon, Somi, Chaeyeon, Jisun, Yoojung and Heejin too.:(

  • Nayeon <3

  • Shwe Sin


  • Dokileur

    Yoohyeon. JiU can also be named as a centre but if anything their secondary one.

  • Hui Ern Eng

    Thank you


    I wanted to vote heejin jiwon and xiyeon too :'(

  • Toxic

    Definitely Chaeyeon from Busters! She is my bias, and it the cutest thing ever skskks

  • Maura Nichols (The Flower Chil

    Yes she definitely is! Busters deserves so much more!

  • parlisse

    the fact that chaeyon from busters and heejin from loona are like one of the best centers there

  • blackpink in your area! > 21

    ioi ain’y a thing anymore girl, taeyeon snsd definitely.

  • Kim Joo Ron


  • Natsumi Sasaki


  • Natsumi Sasaki

    Omg the exact same as me 😀

  • heejin or wonyoung?

  • rrroyalsss

    (Not ibalence)

  • SG Lopez


  • SG Lopez

    yoona is the center in GG

  • Amelia

    Nayeon Nayeon Nayeon the girl most ideal for the centre spot. Most of the girls in this list are nothing but pretty faces. Example is the latest solo debutante. Rest maknae centers are purely lolicon picks. Although the list is too big but special mention too Heejin , Ryujin,yooaas well.
    The centre doesn’t have to be a “main visual” but a person who is the blend of visual ( Korean standard), vocals ( atleast the top tier of live singing in their respective group) neat dance moves (main dancer has dance breaks to shine) and the most important the person who fits the image of the group.

  • lolicon picks? lmfao. every girl on this list is pretty & talented, you’re just biased towards nayeon.