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EXID: Who is Who?

EXID: Who is Who?

[12.02.16] “Whoz That Girl”

[12.08.11] “I Feel Good”

[12.10.02] “Every Night”

[13.02.15] “Goodbye (Solji & Hani Unit)”

[14.08.27] “Up & Down”

[15.02.17] “Up & Down (LG U-Plus Ver.)”

[15.04.13] “Ah Yeah”

[15.11.18] “Hot Pink”

[16.06.01] “L.I.E”

[16.12.20] “Cream”

[17.01.10] “Up & Down (Chinese Ver.)”

[17.04.09] “Night Rather Than Day”

*Solji did not participate in the recordings & promotions of the album due to her hiatus after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.*

[17.11.07] “DDD”

*Although Solji participated in the album’s recording and jacket photo shoot, she did not take part in their comeback promotions due to her health.*

[18.02.12] “Don’t Want a Drive (데려다 줄래)”

[18.04.02] “Lady”

*Solji did not participate in the single’s recordings & promotions as she continues her recovery from orbital decompression surgery after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in December 2016.*

[18.05.21] “How Why”

[18.08.22] “Up & Down (Japanese Ver.)”

[18.11.21] “I Love You”

[19.01.23] “Trouble”

[19.05.15] “Me & You”

[19.05.15] “We are…”

[19.12.25] “Bad Girl For You”

[20.08.19] “B.L.E.S.S.E.D”

[22.09.28] “Fire”

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