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Eunji (BBGirls) Profile

Eunji (Brave Girls, BBGirls) Profile and Facts

Eunji is a member of the South Korean girl group BBGirls under BBGirls Company and Grandline Group. She was a member of Brave Girls under Brave Entertainment. She was a contestant in the survival show The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project.

Eunji SNS:
Personal Instagram: bg_eunji92
Personal X (Twitter): braveunji
Personal TikTok: bravegirls_Eunji
Personal YouTube: 은지는 도도해 EUNJI

Stage Name: Eunji (은지)
Birth Name: Hong Eun Ji (홍은지)
Birthday: July 19, 1992
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
Weight: 51 kg (112 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
MBTI Type: ISFJ (?)
Representative Emoji: 🐸

Eunji Facts:
– She is from the city of Yeosu, South Jeolla province.
– She has a sibling, who has a child boy named Suho. Eunji often takes care about her nephew.
– Education: Myongji University Film and Musical Sciences, but was expelled due to her absence.
– She describes her personality as bright and responsible.
– Her nicknames are Big Eyed Girl, Goldeen and Hanyeseul (for her resemblance to Han Yeseul).
– Her eyes are approximately 2 cm long and 1 cm wide.
– When her body is tense, her middle finger on the right hand will get twisted.
– She can take small things by her toes.
– She can imitate the singing of Park Jiyoon.
– She got her driving license in 2020.
– She is good at acrobatics.
– She has a specialty of fast-memorizing dance moves and of creating choreos in a short amount of time.
– She is not good in reaction games.
– She gets hyped when it comes to travelling and excursion.
– Only she out of Brave Girls remembers that there was another choreography prepared for Rollin’ 2018 promotions.
– She strongly recommends listening Brave Girls’ “We Ride”.
– Her hobbies are watching Netflix shows and oil painting.
– She often responds by saying thanking words and bowing to all little things addressed to her.
– She is often criticizing herself for her flaws.
– She thinks a talent she is confident of is praising and complimenting people.
– She has a habit of saying “I’m bored!” and “I’m hungry!” in any place.
–If she snores in her bed that means that she is very tired.
– She hates bugs and mosquitoes and ready to cry when they surround her, but when she is on stage, her fear disappears.
– She is the clumsiest and impatient member of Brave Girls, as her bandmate Yujeong says, and the most talkative member, as her bandmate Yuna says.
– As Minyoung said, she has a lot of aegyo and brings up a mood when other members are serious,
– As Minyoung and Yuna stated, Eunji firstly left a sense that she is a true strict lady, but later it became clear that she is very clumsy person.
– Eunji herself does not think she is clumsy. She states that she is just not good at multitasking and used to accidentally mix up words she says, when she was studying in college.
– When choosing the most scariest member of Brave Girls Eunji chose herself and other members did it too.
– She draws portraits much better than other Brave Girls members.
– She gets annoyed when Yujeong imitates her ‘pretty’ acting.
– She is friends with Dalshabet‘s Jiyul and Ahyoung, and DIA‘s Eunice.
– Her role model is Lee Hyori. (BNT Solo Interview)
– The first thing she does in the morning is checking her phone.
– The person she respects the most are her parents.
– She has pets: toy poodle dogs named Dodo and Babi.
– She prefers denim for clothes.
– She likes Western food the best.
– Her hobby is playing golf.
– Also she loves spicy food, eel, mint chocolate and melon.
– She likes strawberry smoothies for beverages.
– She does not like to eat seonjiguk, naejangtang, fish roe soup, sea cucumber, sea pineapple and other seafood.
– While eating ramyun, she does not put any egg in there but may put some rice if she is very hungry.
– She has low alcohol tolerance, so she drinks alcohol only for faster sleeping.
– She began dancing since elementary school, in middle and high schools she was a member of a dancing club. There she made up her mind that she should become an idol.
– Her parents let her to become an idol by condition she accepted to a college.
– Her parents always supported her during her hard times with Brave Girls telling her that there would be a chance that she will grab.
– She was a trainee at NH Media.
– In sum she was a trainee for five years.
– She featured in Park Bom‘s “Spring” promotions and stood in for her on the Queendom performance battle.
– She used to go to gym, but when she once got scammed by a health facility, she stopped going there.
– She was to Cambodia, lived in a small room for one person and ate food from room service alone, which was very precious moments to her.
– She was thinking about working in clothing business cooperating with other older women, after probable disbandment of Brave Girls.
– She is in the cast of the STYLE ME YouTube channel.
– She was given a nickname 은지홍은지 (Eun-ji-hong-eun-ji), which means that Eunji on stage is different than her ordinary Hong Eunji. (BNT Solo Interview)
– She doesn’t believe in MBTI tests. (BNT Solo Interview)
– After her redebut, she wants to be remembered as a cool, funny, happy member, who brings smiles to all people. (BNT Solo Interview)
– Her ideal type is a mild man, who listens well, and is comfortable to be with, and is accepting her weaknesses and problem, and is reliable (BNT Solo Interview May 2023); is a courteous, kind, honest man, who is cheerful all the time. Someone like Hwang Chiyeul (before May 2023).
The Unit Information:
– She with Yujeong and Yuna performed “Irony”. Eunji got 1 boot from mentors.
– She was appointed as the leader of Team UnitG Red for the first mission. Her team won and received the front place in the music video My Turn.
– She was ranked 41st on the episode 4.
– She performed “Rough” by GFriend (Team UnitG Black) for the second mission. She got 116 votes from the audience.
– She was ranked 37th on the episode 5.
– She was ranked 48th on the episode 7.
– She was eliminated on the episode 8, her final rank is 48th.

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