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Ella Gross Profile and Facts

Ella Gross Profile: Ella Gross Facts

Ella Gross is a trainee under YG Entertainment (The Black Label) and is also a child model and actress. Her debut is unknown and it’s also unknown if she’ll be solo or in a girl group in the future.

Stage Name: Ella Gross (엘라 그로스)
Birth Name: Ella McKenzie Gross (엘라 맥켄지 그로스)
Birthday: December 1st, 2008
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 147 cm (4’8″)
Blood Type:
Nationality: Korean-American
Instagram: @ellagross

Ella Gross Facts:
– In 2018, she began appearing in the TV series Heathers as young Betty.
– Her Instagram is run by her mom.
– She published her first photo on Instagram in March 2016.
– She is known as the most gorgeous Korean-American child.
– She received a lot of bashing for becoming a YG trainee at such a young age.
– She is half Korean (mom) and half German (dad).
– She worked with fellow model Kristina Pimenova in early 2017 on a photoshoot.
– She has a little brother named Roman.
– She has over 448k followers on Instagram.
– She was living in Los Angeles, California. It is unknown if she is still living there or if she moved to South Korea.
– She does ballet and modern dance.
– She is learning to play the guitar.
– Her Korean name is Nabi which means ‘butterfly’ in Korean.
– Fans say she looks like BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.
– She is a fan of BLACKPINK.

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  • sooyeon

    YG is going crazy with clones

    CL > Jennie > Ella

    * this is a joke plz dont take it seriously *

  • Rea

    She looks a bit like Jennie to me

  • qare

    she’s cute <3

  • OrbitHye

    Ella looks like Jennie

  • suga.topia

    I’d like to leave a note here to please not leave hate on Ella. I’ve seen her recieving a lot of bashing because of her being so young as a trainee.

  • Xeno Bauz

    I think i saw her on facebook with my sister

  • Daeena

    She’s really pretty and cute😍 I really wish to see her debut in the future!

  • YoonTaeKyung

    Wtf? 327 people saying that she’s overrated?

  • Manny Reppdien

    She was born on 1st December 2008

  • She got her ears pierced.

  • suga.topia

    Thank you for the info! I will add it right away and give you credit 🙂

  • jisooyaaa

    isn’t she jennie’s little sister?

  • Peppa.is.a.QUEEN

    What a cutie

  • Amna Lovezyou

    LOL no no but they are really close friends

  • Amna Lovezyou

    I don’t understand why so many people are bashing her cuz it just shows she’s a talented young girl

  • lmao tfw a girl 8 years younger than you is more successful

  • kevinkhor

    she has 1.8 m followers now

  • Khumaira Zhadyra

    isn’t Ella McKenzie Gross her full name?

  • Nicolo Jefferson

    Im younger than her

  • bambam’s_wife


  • bambam’s_wife

    She looks like Jennie

  • bambam’s_wife

    Oh sh*t happy birthday, baby~ You’re 11 now^^

  • Sapphire Gamer

    She COULD be in YG K+ and not the actual YG company. (YG K+ is the modelling company of YG. I mean, she is a child model anyways)

  • Meredith AU

    on IMDB it says that she’s 4’2″ (1.27m) tall

  • Emmayeeyee

    Her birthday is December 1st not January 20th. Please fix!

  • Emmaaaaaaaaaa

    She’s 10. Not 11. Her birthday is December 1st

  • bambam’s_wife

    oh sorry 😶 was mislead. Happy belated then, Ella☺

  • Ha

    She is under YG as a model not an artist, it is possible but please research a bit more.

  • suga.topia

    She is under YG’s Black Label which is for idol trainee’s because Jeon Somi is under that label as well.

  • suga.topia

    She is under YG’s Black Label which is for idol trainee’s.

  • suga.topia


  • Maira Aamir

    Her instagram followers are over 2 million now

  • YoonTaeKyung

    Her name in Hangeul: 엘라 그로스

    – Her mom manages her Instagram page.
    – She acted in “Heather” as young Betty and in “Malibu Rescue” as Sasha.

  • Lilly Hope

    OMG, if she’s considered as most pretty American-Korean child, AND she looks exactly like Jennie from bp, does that mean Jennie is also considered very gorgeous?? 😂😂

  • Karolajna💚🌱

    I always say that. Isn’t she like her sister?

  • anna

    I’m older than her and taller than her
    hh she’s overrated
    dont come at me I just don’t like her

  • hia qasim

    Such an adorable child
    She doesn’t look like jennie kim but song haykyo
    At first i thought it she song haykyo when she was child

    Hope this beautiful little soul rises up up up and up

  • hia qasim

    Such an adorable child

    In my eyes she doesn’t look like jennie kim but song hye-kyo. When i saw her i thought it was hyekyo in her childhood

    Hope this beautiful little soul rises up up up and up
    God bless her beauty

  • bambam’s_wife

    No idea😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ᴬᴸᴱˣᴬ

    I like her! She is a cutie and a younger version of Jennie! Yall who voted that she is overrated your just jealous!

  • Matcha tea

    Jealous much?

  • Kai Jones

    I believe she is still in LA because she was at Blackpink’s LA concert April 17th (also It was here first concert of u wanna add that fact 🥰)

  • mistery girl

    I believe that she still lives in LA Because yesterday April 17th she went to Blackpink’s concert in LA (That was her first concert too btw if u wanna add that🥰)

  • Arch

    If I’m not wrong, Roman is Kristina’s brother, not Ella’s.

  • 1222367

    finally an idol that Iam bigger than her I am born in 9/8/2008 I know it is just a few months

  • 1222367

    I am the same gge of her (10 years ) but my height is 153

  • Pratiksha

    wow she’s so damn lucky

  • Sanajaff

    im 16y.o and my height is 144 :”)

  • jeondipity

    some people think she’s Jennie’s little sister but like Jennie is only child lmao

  • Sarah Hampe

    Her Korean Name is “Nabi” (Butterfly).
    It was a question for her in a insta Q&A.

  • Sarah Hampe

    Roman is Ella’s Brother, not Kristinas.
    1st: His full name is Roman GROSS
    2nd: Kristina is an only Child (mother Model, father Ex-Soccer-Professional in Russia)

  • seungyoun’s honey

    Roman is Ella’s brother and it has been confirmed by their mom too (replied to question similar to this). Roman has different colored eyes and hair, but still is her brother. Genetics can do wonders.