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DPR REM Profile & Facts

DPR REM Profile: DPR REM Facts

DPR REM (디피알 렘) is Dream Perfect Regime’s creative director and executive producer.

Stage Name: DPR REM (디피알 렘)
Birth Name: Scott Kim
Birthday: February 21, 1992
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Instagram: @dprrem
Twitter: @_dprrem

DPR REM Facts:
– He is from New York.
– He is fluent in English and Korean.
– His favorite color is black. [Best Friend Challange]
– His worst habit is biting nails. [Best Friend Challange]
– He is best friends with Amber Liu. They met through a mutual friend named Paul.
– He came to Korea around 2011/2012. [Q&A | WhatThePineapple!]
– Scott and Amber Liu started a YouTube channel on April 3, 2015, called What The Pineapple! They made it with the purpose of entertaining their viewers by producing a variety of fun and original content including them and their friends. It eventually turned to be Amber Liu‘s channel.
– His favorite clothing brands are KRSP and rag & bone as of 2015. [Q&A | WhatThePineapple!]
– He doesn’t want to be a k-pop idol because he doesn’t think it’s the world that suits him. [Q&A | WhatThePineapple!]
– He prefers American food over Korean food. [Q&A | WhatThePineapple!]
– According to Amber, if he was a k-pop idol, the group that he’d be in is BTS. [Q&A | WhatThePineapple!]
– His scariest experience was when he broke his elbow in the 8th grade while playing soccer. [Q&A PART 2 !]
– He is a scary movies junkie. [Q&A PART 2 !]
– In 2015, to the question “What does Scott actually do?” Amber answered “Scott is like a freelancer, he works primarily with me on my personal and album stuff. He’s like my Scooter Braun if I’m the Justin Bieber. He manages the DPR stuff. ” [Q&A PART 2 !]
– If he had to eat only 5 things for the rest of his life, he’d pick chicken, steak, pork, pizza, and pineapple. He added pineapple just to be a little nourishing. [Q&A PART 2 !]
– The 3 things that he cannot live without are MacBook, phone, and wallet. [Q&A PART 2 !]
– The name that he’d like to have if he hadn’t been called Scott is Maximus. [Q&A PART 2 !]
– He picks Charmander over Pikachu. [Q&A PART 2 !]
– He loved watching “Unpretty Rapstar 2” and was a huge fan of the show. According to Amber, he is/was in love with contestant Yubin. [Q&A PART 2 !]
– As of 2015, the counties that he’d like to visit with his squad for vacation are Australia and Spain. [Q&A PART 2 !]
– His pet peeves related to eating are chewing really loud and people taking big bites of his food. [Q&A PART 2 !]
– His spirit animal is a koala because sometimes he is lazy and is loyal to his three/group. [Q&A PART 2 !]
– His favorite YouTuber is Casey Neistat because he loves the format of his videos, creativity, daily vlogs, and more. [Q&A PART 2 !]
– His favorite video of What The Pineapple! is “BANG BANG BANG! | 뱅 뱅 뱅!”. [Q&A PART 2 !]
– He starred in DPR’s “HOLLOW” video.
– He likes ping pong. [Whisper Challenge | English Version]
– He has a high alcohol tolerance but rarely drinks. [The PINE-ING Table]
– He mostly listens to hip-hop and rap.

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