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Demi (G.O.F) Profile and Facts

Demi Profile & Facts

Demi is a Taiwanese rapper and dancer under Blooming Entertainment. She competed in the survival show DD52, in the group Blaze Love, and became a member of G.O.F.

Demi Official Accounts:
Instagram: @demi59487
Tik Tok: demi59487

Stage Name: Demi
Birth Name: Zeng Xiefan (曾薀帆)
Position: Hot Girl, Rapper, Sexy, Dance
Birthday: November 3, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 158 cm (5’2″)
Weight: 43kg (94lbs)
Blood Type: N/A
Nationality: Taiwanese

Demi Facts:
– Her birthplace is Taoyuan City, Taiwan
– She was on King of Shenglin 2, competing under team ‘Dancing Dune’ but she was eliminated
– She studied in Hong Kong when she was in grade 4 to grade 6.
– She has dimples
– Demi had braces, but she got them removed before DD52
– She sometimes thinks of herself as a little boy
– She studied buisness in mainland China for 3 years
– Her hobby is to remodel clothes
– She and former Blaze Love member, Vain, have been best friends since highschool
– Yizhi (Vain), Demi and a kindergarden friend formed a group called ‘201’ (Other G.O.F members (Abby and Hei Hei) joined in the later part)
– She won 5th place at the middle street dance competition
– Her first ever overseas performance was in Bali
– After her audition on DD52, she had to go to hospital due to stomach pain
– Demi cried during episode 4 as she felt distressed that 2 members of Blaze Love were replaced
– She found Sad Keelung Port (Blaze Love’s ep. 5 performance) difficult as her rap was in Cantonese
– Fairy Temple (Ep. 6) was her favourite song
– She was scared that she would fall on her face while performing Watch Me (Ep 11) as she had to perform her rap on the piano
– During King of Shenglin 2, former Blaze Love member Chenny admitted she secretly looked at Demi because her outfit was sexy and ‘spicy’

DD52 Information:
On Episode 3 her playing card was A – Dont Lie to Me.
On Episode 4 her playing card was A – Boom Cha Cha Laka Boom
On Episode 5 her playing card was 8 – Sad Keelung Port
On Episode 6 her playing card was 8 – Fairy Temple
On episode 7 her playing card was A – Fire Heart (not apart of the group)
On Episode 8 her playing card was A – A High
On Episode 9 her playing card was A – Silence Love (Not apart of the group
On Episode 10 her playing card was K. – Flame Silk Road
On Episode 11 her playing card was K – Flame Silk Road
On Episode 12 her playing card was Q – Watch Me
On Episode 13 her playing card was A – RUNAWAY
In the finals Blaze Won became the champions and Demi earned her place in G.O.F

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