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C Holly (HUR) Profile And Facts

C Holly Profile & Facts

C Holly is a Taiwanese rapper and dancer, who competed on the survival
show DD52, under the group Hurricane, but sadly they came second place and could
not make their debut as a full member group, but 6 former members
formed a new girl group called HUR who is set to debut in December 2020.

C Holly Official Accounts:
Youtube: C.Holly ღ
Instagram: c.holly.com
Facebook: c.hollycholly

Stage Name: C Holly
Birth Name: Wang Canyun (王粲勻)
Position: Rapper, Dancer
Birthday: March 24, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 161 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Nationality: Taiwanese-British
Blood Type: N/A

C Holly Facts:
– C Holly was born in the UK, but she is ethnically Taiwanese
– She likes to dye her hair
– When she first came to audition for DD52, she thought that the description described her perfectly, so she auditioned without hesitation
– She was noticed everywhere she went, because of her green hair
– She hopes that her performances, ‘Make it Dance’ and ‘Standard Beauty’ will show a new side of female rap and female empowerment
– C Holly likes to dress up and have her hair green, even when people judge her, she just wants to be herself
– ‘Standard Beauty’ was the first time she showed her rap in a girl group
– She never thought she would be apart of a girl group
– She has a loud and smashing personality
– C Holly was 62kg when she joined DD52, but she slimmed down to
– C.Holly participated in the music show “Rich or Dead” by Yayoi Daimon, alongside others rappers

DD52 Information:
On Episode 3 her playing card was 4 – Standard Beauty
On Episode 4 her playing card was 4 – Poisionus
On Episode 5 her playing card was 10 – Behind the Shadow
On Episode 6 her playing card was 10 – I Won’t Miss Again
On Episode 7 her playing card was 10 – GIVE ME 5
On Episode 8 her playing card was 10 – UNLOCK (Not apart of this group)
On Episode 9 her playing card was 10 – Not Perfect (Not apart of this group)
On Episode 10 her playing card was 8 – YOU GOT FIRED
On episode 11 her playing card was 8 – YOU GOT FIRED
On Episode 12 her playing card was 10 – Need No More
On Episode 13 her playing card was A – Pain Killer
On Episode 13 she was ELIMINATED.
During the DD52 concert, it was announced that there
will be a new girl group formed from Hurricane members
Called HUR, they will debut in December

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