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Dayoung (WJSN) Profile

Dayoung (WJSN) Profile and Facts;

Stage Name: Dayoung (다영)
Birth Name: Lim Dayoung (임다영)
Birthday: May 14, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Blood Type: A

Dayoung Facts:
– Dayoung was born in Jeju, South Korea.
– She’s an only child
– She represents the Taurus zodiac sign in WJSN.
– She can play the triangle and tambourine.
– Dayoung and Eunseo are the best cooks in the group
– Dayoung’s nickname is ‘Dayeob’ because she is said to look like the comedian Shin Dongyeob. (Hello Counselor Ep.269)
– Despite being young Dayoung is nicknamed the “mom” of the dorm.
– Her best friend is Mina from Gugudan, they went to the same school
– She is also friends with Arin from Oh My Girl
– Dayoung can dance 2x speed of ‘MoMoMo’ without any trouble. (Weekly Idol Ep.234)
– Dayoung was not allowed to do a pigtails-hairstyle because of her resemblance to Shin Dongyup when she debuted, so her agency suggested that she should lose weight. But now she’s allowed to. (Happy Together)
– She was a contestant on K-Pop Star 1.
– Dayoung tried to get into WJSN’s fansign but was dropped so she says she has respect for anyone who can get in
– Her dream WJSN unit is herself, Yeonjung, and Seola
– Dayoung likes to tease the older members. Her favorite member to tease is Bona
– Fans think that she looks like Ariel from The Little Mermaid
– Dayoung said she wants to make the fans seaweed soup for their birthdays.
– The hair color she wants to try the most is ash blue or white blonde hair
– Her nickname is Dayomi (Cutie Dayoung)
– Dayoung loves the song “Issues” by Julia Michaels
– She was on K-pop Star Season 1.
– Dayoung had a cameo in the drama “True Beauty” as Chaeni.
– She has a dog named Beom.
– Dayoung played the role of Oaram in the drama “Love Revolution”.
– Education: Namkwang Elementary School, Jeju East Girls’ Middle School, Bangbae Middle School, School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA).

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