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Darren Wang Profile and Facts

Darren Wang Profile: Darren Wang Facts and Ideal Type

Wang Talu (王大陸)
also known as Darren Wang is a Taiwanese actor. He made his acting debut in the 2009 television series The Shining Days.

Birth Name: Wang Talu (王大陸)
Korean Name: Wang Dae-ryuk (왕대륙)
English Name: Darren Wang
Birthday: May 29, 1991
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Goat
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Weibo: 王大陸TaluWang
Studio Weibo: 王大陆工作室
Instagram: @taluwang
Facebook: 王大陸

Darren Wang Facts:
– Born in Taipei City, Taiwan.
– He has a sister.
– He plays basketball.
– He loved performing as a child.
– He actively participates in charity projects.
– His career started by starring in commercials.
– He is very interested in appearing in Korean dramas.
– He would like to learn more things about film production.
– He collects costumes and props from his dramas and movies.
– He is friends with a Korean model and actor Nam Joo-hyuk.
– He feels a rush of adrenaline when people show appreciation for his work.
– His parents didn’t support his decision to become an actor at the beginning.
– A romantic thing he’d say to his girlfriend is “Do you know I am afraid of you?” when asked “Why?” he’d answer “Because I am afraid of a wife”.
– Korean actress Kang Han Na nominated him for Ice Bucket Challange in 2018.
– He’s neighbors with director Leo Zhang and model Ann Hong (洪文安) as of 2018.
– He is a fan of a professional basketball player Michael Jordan and Korean actor Won Bin.
– According to him, his skin color is too white so he uses foundation to darken it.
– He started gaining popularity after playing the role of Tsu Tai Yu in the movie “Our Times” that aired on August 13, 2015.
– He was an archer at Super Nova Games (超新星全运动会) held in Beijing, China in 2018 where he scored 23 points with his shooting skills.
– His first love is a Korean actress Park Shin-hye. He admitted it on his Instagram post with her picture.
– He appeared in a Taiwanese girl group S.H.E‘s “Stay With Me” and Dewi Chien‘s “全世界只有你不懂” Music Videos.
– He would love to play complex characters that are suave, arrogant, bumbling, and ironically humorous all the same.
Ideal Type: A strong girl like actress Crystal Zhang.

A Choo (打噴嚏) | 2020 – Ye Jian Han
Magic Journey to Africa (奇幻之旅) | 2020 – Unknown
The Last Wish (伟大的愿望) | 2019 – Xu Hao
The Rookies (素人特工) | 2019 – Zhao Feng
Super Me (超级的我) | 2019 – Sang Yi
Fall in Love at First Kiss (一吻定情) | 2019 – Jiang Zhi Shu
A Better Tomorrow 2018 ( 英雄本色2018) | 2018 – Mark
Legend of the Naga Pearls (鲛珠传) | 2017 – Ni Kong Kong
Yo-Kai Watch Movie: It’s the Secret of Birth, Meow! (妖怪手表电影版:诞生的秘密喵!) | 2016 – Tianye Jingcang
Railroad Tigers (铁道飞虎) | 2016 – Da Guo
Suddenly Seventeen (28岁未成年) | 2016 – Yan Yan
10,000 Miles (一萬公里的約定) | 2016 – Sean Fang
Our Times (我的少女時代) | 2015 – Tsu Tai Yu
Design 7 Love (相愛的七種設計) | 2014 – Chiang
In Case of Love (街角的小王子) | 2010 – Lu Lu

Drama Series:
An Jing (安静) | 2020 – Unknown
The Wolf (狼殿下) | 2020 – Zhu You Wen
Reset Life (未来的秘密) | 2019 – Luo Zhi Shi
Ghost Blows Out the Light: Finding Hu Ba Yi (鬼吹灯之牧野诡事) | 2017 – Hu Tian
Stairway to Stardom (逆袭之星途璀璨) | 2017 – Himself
High Heels and a Scalpel (白袍下的高跟鞋) | 2014 – Ke Yu Hao
Channel-X (國民英雄) | 2010 – Gu Yong En
Gloomy Salad Days (死神少女) | 2010 – Xiao Hai (ep.15-16)
The Shinning Days (閃亮的日子) | 2009 – Kobayashi Kosuke/ Lee Chih Fung
Mysterious Incredible Terminator (霹靂MIT) | 2008 – Yang Sheng Kai (ep.13)

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