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D-D-DANCE (IZ*ONE) Album Info

D-D-DANCE (IZ*ONE) Album Info

(디-디-댄스) is a digital single and a song performed by IZ*ONE as the flagship group for the UNIVERSE app.

Artist: IZ*ONE
Released: January 26, 2021
Recorded: 2020
Length: 3:25
Writer: Jinli (Full8loom)
Arrangers: Glory Face (Full8loom), Bang Gun Woo
Composers: Glory Face (Full8loom), Jinli (Full8loom), Bang Gun Woo

Some facts:
– NCsoft K-POP platform unveils the first UNIVERSE music series!! The first! IZ*ONE’s ‘D-D-DANCE ‘ released! To the mysterious world in UNIVERSE invited by IZ*ONE!
– NCsoft global K-POP platform ‘UNIVERSE ’ invites you to the mysterious world of IZ*ONE.
– A world of mysterious superpowers unique to IZ*ONE with WIZ*ONE! ‘D-D-DANCE ‘ released.
– ‘D-D-DANCE ‘ is a dance-pop genre song with a lively and rhythmic guitar and synth sound. The lyrics convey a message to those who dream of freedom from a dull and boring daily life and the refreshing vocals of the IZ*ONE members are harmonized. The bouncing fresh charm stands out. It is expected to deliver magical travel to those who are tired of the frustrating and confined reality. In addition, as it is a hopeful song that will decorate IZ*ONE’s splendid festival, the attention of global fans with their fan club, WIZ*ONE, is focused on “D-D-DANCE ”.
– IZ*ONE debuted with “La Vie en Rose ” in 2018, and with the start, they showed the potential of a “monster rookie” by sweeping first place in music programs as well as rookie awards at various music awards ceremonies. Since then, each song released, “Violeta “, “FIESTA “, “Secret Story of the Swan “, and “Panorama” has gained a lot of popularity as it has swept the top spot on various charts. Through its unrivaled concept and charm, it has become a global representative girl group that has been endlessly loved by fans around the world, winning the top in the Oricon charts in Japan beyond Korea.
– IZ*ONE is expected to end the start of the ‘UNIVERSE ‘ project through ‘D-D-DANCE ‘, and to satisfy the five senses of listeners around the world with a brighter charm. In particular, ‘D-D-DANCE ’ was further enhanced in musical perfection by working with ‘K-POP Hitmaker ’ Full8loom, who has consistently worked on famous idol songs in Korea.
– In addition, ZICO, Kang Daniel, ‘Refresh ’, Monsta X, Chungha, and Stray Kids music video director Choi Young-ji and visual director Mika made this music video from Pink Label Visual.
– ‘UNIVERSE‘, which will unfold a new magical world with IZ*ONE, is a global entertainment platform where you can enjoy various fandom activities in one place and is attracting attention as a playground and a holy place for K-POP fans around the world.
– Starting with the global girl group IZ*ONE, ‘UNIVERSE ‘ will include artists representing K-POP and will continue to showcase various genres of “satisfying the five senses ” music in a new worldview with them.

Track list:

  1. D-D-DANCE

Video links:
Official Music Video PREVIEW
Music Video
Official Music Video TEASER A
Official Music Video TEASER B

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