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Curohako Profile and Facts

Curohako Profile and Facts

Curohako (쿠로하코) is a 7-member crew that focuses on dance, rap, producing and vocal. They first posted on June 26, 2019. The crew consists of Zino, Gaden, One, Dash, Ian, Redy, and Dohwa. Iri and Woodae left but it is unclear when they left.

Curohako Social Media:
Instagram: curohako_official
Youtube: Curohako

Member Profiles:

Stage Name: Zino (지노)
Birth Name: Jinho (진호)
Position: Dancer
Instagram: zino.o_

Zino Facts:
– His birthday is around Christmas time, but it is unclear when.


Stage Name: Gaden (가덴)
Birth Name:
Position: Dancer
Instagram: gaden.co.kr

Gaden Facts:
– He might teach dance at Just Jerk.


Stage Name: One (원)
Birth Name: Yu Sangwon (유상원)
Position: Dancer
Instagram: iwthe_one

One Facts:
– He is also a member of Naked Ape$.
– He was Dongbang Battle Vol. 21 Grand Winner (duo with UKUN of Be Mbitious).
– He was Hiphoper’s Night Another Vol. 5 & 7 Hiphop Side 2nd Winner.
– He is friends with 5000, Ukun, LilC, Jinwoo, and Tutat on Instagram.
– He has taught dance classes.
– He auditioned for Street Man Fighter for Be Mbitious.
– His dance genre is hip-hop and freestyle.
– His charm point are his long eyelashes.


Stage Name: Dash (대쉬)
Birth Name: Park Jieun (박지은)
Position: Dancer
Instagram: dash_here

Dash Facts:
– She was a dancer for Queendom 2.
– she graduated at SOPA and a former classmate of Mark (NCT), Arin (Oh My Girl), and Kang Mina.
– She works as a freelance dance class teacher.
– She is a local apparel brand ambassador.
– She is friends with Emma, Ansso, Gyurian, Harimu, Brotherbin, Tarzan, Ukun, LilC, and more on Instagram.


Stage Name: Ian (이안)
Birth Name: Choi Chi Hoon (최치훈)
Position: Rapper & Producer
Birthday: April 27, 1999
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 53 kg (117 lbs)
Blood Type: A
SoundCloud: aeon77

Ian Facts:
– He was a member of TO1 under the stage name Chihoon before he left on April 30th, 2022, because his contract was cancelled.
– He is good friends with Iri as they were in TO1 together.
– Chihoon ranked 7th place on WORLD KLASS.
– Chihoon has no siblings.
– His position in TO1 was Rapper, Vocalist, and Producer.
–  Motto: “Focusing on the past will disrupt the future, but focusing on the present will complete the future”.
– His dominate hand is his left hand.
– He has his drivers’ license.
– He covers his face with his hands whenever he is shocked.
– He can play the piano.
– He is TO1’s self-proclaimed ‘Sexy Guy’.
– When he gets back from a schedule, he means to take a shower, but ends up lying down instead.
– He likes watching movie review videos.
– He thinks he is sexier when he is in his producing studio.
– He would like to make an emotional song for the fans.
– He auditioned for “Show Me The Money 9”, but he did not get past the first round.


Stage Name: Redy (레디)
Birth Name:
Position: Dancer
Instagram: redy_shin

Redy Facts:
– She teaches dance at Just Jerk and Mid Dance.
– She created the choreography for Key‘s song “Bound“.
– She was an assistant choreographer of Jihyo‘s Performance Project.
– She was a back-up dancer for Eunbi and Woodz on three songs.


Stage Name: Dohwa (도화)
Birth Name:
Position: Vocal
Instagram: pxx_xhs
SoundCloud: Dohwa

Dohwa Facts:
– Her latest single album is called To My World.

Former Members:

Stage Name: Iri
Birth Name: Jo Chan Hyuk (조찬혁)
Birthday: December 8th, 1999
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 180 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 65 kg (143.3 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Soundcloud: iriwababa

Iri Facts:
– He is a member of TO1 under the stage name Chan.
– Chan ranked 2nd place in WORLD KLASS.
– It is assumed that he left Curohako sometime before Curohako posted the new group photos.
– Chan has one older sister.
–  Motto: “Let’s move smartly”.
– He used to be a trainee at SM Entertainment.
– Chan did not complete high school, as he dropped out.
– He likes iced over hot Americanos, as long as it doesn’t freeze him (“[TOO Episode] #8 TOO News).
– He has two tattoos: one on his back and one on his hand (Episode 1).
– His left hand is dominant.
– He is very good at aegyo.
– He makes up different ways he can make hearts with his body.
– His nickname is ‘Idea Bank’, because he comes up with ideas on the spot (Road to Kingdom).
– He is able to speak basic Thai.
– Chan dislikes white lights (TOO Episode: Behind The Stage #7).


Stage Name: Woodae (우대)
Birth Name: Woo Jaewoon (우재윤)
Zodiac: –
Instagram: wxxdae_
SoundCloud: woodae98

Woodae Facts:
– It is unclear when he left but he left before the new profile photos were posted.
– He was probably a vocalist as he posts songs on SoundCloud.
– His latest album is Eidetic.

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