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Country Kkokko Members Profile

Country Kkokko Members Profile and Facts

Country Kkokko (컨츄리꼬꼬) was a male duo consisting of members Tak Jaehoon and Shin Junghwan, who debuted on April 5, 1998 under World Music Entertainment with the full length album Oh! Happy. The duo took the Korean music industry by storm, producing various concepts of exciting and comical music from dance to rock. After the release of their 5th and final album,딱! 내 스타일이에요 (Perfect! It’s My Style) in 2002, it failed to revive the popularity they received during their 1st to 3rd albums. Country Kkokko later on virtually disbanded following the expiration of their contract with their company, who also previously became bankrupt. Their representative songs such as, Oh! Happy, Gimmie! Gimmie!, Happy Christmas, Oh! Are You Going, Oh, My Julia, and Conga brought the duo enormous popularity which many people still enjoy to today.

Country Kkokko Fandom Name: Chicken Coop
Country Kkokko Fandom Color: Green

Tak Jaehoon

Stage Name: Tak Jaehoon (탁재훈)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birth Name: Bae Sungwoo
Birthday: July 24, 1968
Height: 179 cm (5’8″)
YouTube: nobacktak
Instagram: taksama_
Daum Cafe: mrtak

Tak Jaehoon Facts:
– He graduated from Chungam High School in 1987.
– He debuted as a fashion model in 1988, before later working part-time at a photography department.
– In July 1995, he debuted as a soloist with the album The Path I Chose, but it failed to gain a lot of popularity.
– After the disbandment of Country Kkokko, he released an album in 2004 as a faceless singer under the name S.Papa.
– He appeared in a few acting roles in films during the early 2000s, such as Everyone Has A Secret, Marrying The Mafia 2, and Barefoot Gibong.
– He is known to have a great sense of humor and comedy.
– He has a son who was born in 2004, and daughter who was born in 2002.
– He goes by the well-known nickname Taksama.
– Since 2022, he began a popular entertainment show Noppakku Tak Jaehoon, also known as NoBack Tak, as a regular host on YouTube.


Stage Name: Junghwan
Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist
Birth Name: Shin Junghwan (신정환)
Birthday: May 10, 1974
Height: 180 cm (5’9″)
Instagram: shinjunghwankko
YouTube: 신정환장
FLEXTV: kkokko74

Junghwan Facts:
– He has two older sisters.
– He graduated from Myeongji High School.
– He previously debuted in the group Roo’Ra in 1994, before later leaving in 1995 due to military enlistment.
– He re-debuted in Country Kkokko in 1998,
– He is known as a master of comical dance, and having an outstanding dancing ability.
– In 2003, he became a broadcaster, appearing in shows such as Match Made In Heaven.
– He later joined the two-member dance group Shinnago in 2004 with Roo’Ra member Go Youngwook.
– He is currently a BJ on his YouTube channel, as well as on the Korean BJ site, FLEXTV.

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