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Choerry (ARTMS, LOONA) Profile

Choerry (ARTMS, LOONA) Profile and Facts;
Choerry (ARTMS, LOONA)
Choerry (최리) is a member of the South Korean girl group ARTMS under MODHAUS. She is also a LOONA member, although the group is currently inactive.

Stage Name: Choerry (최리)
Birth Name: Choi Ye Rim (최예림)
Birthday: June 4, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake
Height: 163 cm (5’4″)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: @cher_ryppo

Choerry Facts:
– She was born in Bucheon, South Korea.
– She has two younger sisters.
– On July 12, 2017, she was revealed as the 8th member of LOONA.
– She released her 1st single album called “Choerry” on July 27, 2017, with the title song “Love Cherry Motion”.
– Her representative colors in LOONA were purple and white.
– Her representative animal is a fruit bat.
– Her representative fruit is a cherry.
– Her nicknames are Jjerri and Cherry.
– Her music video was filmed on Jeju Island.
– Her hobby is collecting pens.
– She has the best English out of the members from ODD EYE CIRCLE.
– Her favorite subject in school is Physical Education.
– Her favorite color is pink.
– She wants to visit Greece.
– Her favorite food is spaghetti.
– Yeojin said that Choerry is the most cheerful LOONA member.
– Yeojin and Choerry know everything about each other.
– Choerry and Olivia Hye went to the same school (180407 Fansign – Olivia Hye)
– Haseul revealed in Loona TV #170 that she and Choerry became trainees at the same time.
– Haseul said that Choerry is beautiful.
– Her charming point is her positivity.
– She’s good with babies.
– Her hobbies are watching eating broadcasts, watching movies and decorating her diary.
– Choerry likes her family, Orbits and eating.
– She hates bugs, thunders and getting shot.
– Her biggest interest is playing the piano.
– If she could change her symbolic animal, she’d love to have Go Won’s (butterfly).
– She would want to collaboration with Ariana Grande.
– Her music video took three days to film.
– She doesn’t like the taste of cherries.
– Chuu thinks Choerry is the most obedient member.
– She likes bread, tteokbokki, and dakbal. (ODD EYE CIRCLE INTERVIEW WITH XSports)
– Her foot size is 230-235. (ODD EYE CIRCLE INTERVIEW WITH XSports)
– Choerry prefers people calling her by her real name rather than Choerry.
– She wants to be known as ‘Nation’s Little Sister’.
– Her idol is Younha.
– On January 13, 2023, it was revealed that after filing a lawsuit to terminate her contract with BlockBerry Creative, Choerry had won, resulting in her leaving the company.
– On March 17, 2023 it was announced that she signed with MODHAUS.
– She is currently a member of the project group ARTMS.

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