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Chisa (XG) Profile & Facts

Chisa (XG) Profile & Facts

Chisa (치사) is a member of the girl group of XGALX and AVEX, XG.

Stage Name: CHISA (치사)
Birth Name: Chisa Kondou (近藤千彩)
Birthday: January 17, 2002
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type:
Instagram: chisakondou (deleted) / chisa_rs1 (inactive)
Twitter: ChisqYcr (deleted)

CHISA Facts:
– She is the second member to be revealed. She was revealed in January 30, 2022.
– She has amazing vocal skills.
– She was an actress before.
– She’s close friends with Girls Planet 999’s Aratake Rinka.
– She was a model for “Fashion Leaders” before.
– She was work as a reporter for “College Festa”
– She was born in Osaka, Japan.
– Hobbies: Singing, make-up, taking selfies
– Special skills: Singing, dancing, observing people, running
– In 2016, she won semi-grand prix at Tokyo Girls Audition.
– Before joining AVEX, she was a part of KCE (Kansai Collection Entertainment)
– At the time of winning the “Tokyo Girls Audition” semi-grand prix, she told that Namie Amuro was the reason why her wanted to be a singer.
– She has Kansai dialect.
– She loves gold.
–  Among rice and bread, she likes bread.
– She likes beige lipstick.
– She loves fantastic things.
– According to Jurin, when Jurin depressed, Chisa uses her cheerfulness to improve the atmosphere of the team, so Jurin respected her.
– She revealed that she’s the sub leader and she’s helping Jurin in Buzzfeed interview. [X]
– She is the mood maker of the group like a sun.
– Chisa described herself as a curious personality.
– She thinks that no one in the world has exactly the same voice as her, so she would be happy if someone remembers her voice 30 years from now. [X]
– She loves watching movies and dramas, so she spends my days off relaxing and watching them! She also make time for her hobbies, like playing the guitar and cooking. [X]
–  She listens to Kehlani and SZA a lot because she loves their music! She loves the groove and the feeling of their songs, and she uses them as references when she practices. Also, Madonna is like a goddess to her and an artist who inspires her a lot. Chisa admire her unimaginable hard work and passion for music, which is a great motivator for her, seeing how she has been doing music for almost 30 years and is still constantly evolving! [X]
– She likes making bracelets out of beads.
– She’s good at cooking and making pasta.
– She loves collecting perfumes.
– She loves make-up and sometimes she does it for the members.
– She’s playing guitar.

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