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Chenle (NCT) Profile

Chenle (NCT) Profile and Facts:

Stage Name: Chenle (천러)
Birth Name: Zhong Chen Le (钟辰乐 / 鍾辰樂)
Korean Name: Jong Jin Rak (종진락)
Birthday: November 22, 2001
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)
Blood Type: O
MBTI Type: ESFP-A (His previous result was INFP-T)
Representative Emoji: 🐬/🐻
Sub-Unit: NCT Dream, NCT U
Instagram: @kh1000le

Chenle Facts:
– He was born in Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China.
– His family is very rich.
– He has an older brother.
– Education: Beijing Contemporary Music School
– He debuted only after 2 months of training.
– He can play the piano.
– Chenle is known as “Dolphin” because of his high pitch laugh and screams.
– He speaks Mandarin in his sleep.
– His hobbies are cooking, football and everything related to music.
– His favourite school subjects are Physical Education, Mathematics, English and his most dislike subjects are Sociology and Science.
– He really likes kimchi and eggs (eats about four fried eggs a day and makes the eggs himself).
– Chenle likes Chocolate Milk (pretty much anything chocolate)
– His favorite sports are basketball and football.
– Chenle is afraid of spiders.
– One of his catch phrases is “Oh my Gawd”.
– Renjun said when Chenle makes eggs, oil is all over the floor.
– He appreciates Lay (EXO) a lot.
– He is a former China Got Talent contestant.
– He appeared in a movie called “Soul Rhythm 2013”.
– He’s released 3 albums before his debut.
– He participated in a Chinese show together with Jisung in 2013 and now they are together in NCT Dream.
– Chenle was exposed by his members that he was the type of person to create excuses of why he lost a game. (K-RUSH Season 3 Ep. 28)
– Chenle doesn’t live in the dormitory anymore, his mom bought a house in Seoul and stays with him. If his mom has a business to attend to in China, his aunts stay with him. (“One Night Sleepover”)

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