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Chae Gaho (JWiiver) Profile

Chae Gaho (JWiiver) Profile and Facts

Chae Gaho (채가호) is a member of JWiiver under Starweave Entertainment.

Stage Name: Chae Gaho (채가호)
Birth Name: Tsai Chiahao (蔡家豪)
Korean Name: Chae Kaho (채가호)
Birthday: October 1, 1998
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: Macanese
Instagram: _chaegaho

Chae Gaho Facts:
– He was a contestant of Produce X 101 (rank #78). His grade rank was D.
– He is from Macau.
– He can speak Cantonese
– He’s good at girl group dances.
– He used to ski.
– He enjoys sports.
-When Jukang first met Shita, he thought that Shita was calm and gentle. But Shita is the life of the party.
-He will clean up after the members.
– He likes all types of weather.
– His most shown trait, according to the other members, is being protective.
– He was a trainee under Source Music, but left for unknown reasons.
– After he got eliminated on Produce X 101, he attended the School of Media, Arts and Sciences at Sogang University. It is unclear if he finished a degree.
– He likes watching horror movies.
– He was a trainee for 1 year and 3 months by the time he joined Produce X 101.
– He was revealed as a member on February 6, 2022.
– He’s one of the two members who did not form part of the original pre-debut line-up.
-Shita’s mother objected a lot when he told him he wanted to be a singer, she thought he would give up after high school but he didn’t.
-Shita wanted to be a singer and go to korea since he was young.
-His stage name was Shita but on November 10, 2022, he changed it to Chae Gaho.
-His motto is ‘When the opprotunity comes, those who are not prepared are bound to be missed.’
-His nickname is Jimmy Lu.
-His hobbies are taking pictures and going to a cafe.
-His special ability is cooking.
-His TMI is that he had to go on the subway to go to school.
-He loves spicy food, gopchang, maladang, tteokbokki.
-His lease favorite foods are pork belly, onion, and yolks.
-He relieves stress by listening to music lying on his bed at night.
-The scariest things to him are going to a cafe alone, frogs, and cockroaches.
-His role models are Jeong Raehyun and Kim Jungwoo.
-He has the best chemistry with Ryujei.
-He is interested in guitar, pottery and knitting.
-He is the best at cooking and cheongno.
-His happiest memory was the debut stage.
-His favorite song is Christmas without you by Ava Max.
-He would take Raots with him to a deserted island because he wants to go camping with him.
-His one-line diary is ‘After breakfast, I went to school and came to the company to practice. I’m hungry!’
-His message to fans is ‘I want to see you in person and cherish you. I love you’.
-Him and Raots will be in the kdrama 비밀의 그녀 (Secret Girl)’.
– Prologue Film: Reveal the members | Shita

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